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This morning's visitor captured in the house in a GNC cup then relocated outside.
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Hmm, "This upload does not exist" …
The link above says:
This upload does not exist.
Hmm ok this is the direct link I pasted
WOW! She could be in the Rockettes with those legs. Of course, she could be the entire Rockettes ensemble with that many legs.
LOL Since she is at least 5 inches long she has a lot of legs. I suppose we could count the segments since they have 2 pairs per segment.
Wow, she's a pretty one! We get a few centipedes, but they're far smaller than your millipede.
@Samuel Smith We live next to a watershed and wildlife refuge area so we have some unusual visitors usually just in the patio area. The first year we were here we were blessed with a Luna Moth on the fireplace chimney.
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We used to get crickets, black widows, and pigeons. Now that I planted a garden we see much more variety of life - including peach-faced lovebirds that I enjoy watching as they feed on the sunflowers.
One year, I planted some mystery seeds and a lovely plant with large velvety leaves grew and eventually produced enormous white trumpet flowers with an intoxicating scent. They attracted hawk-moths that geckos would hunt on the patio. Turns out the plant was Sacred Datura, which is far more toxic than I am comfortable having around the children so we took it out. I was sad to see it go, but my wife got some sap on her finger and it went numb, so it was the right thing to do. I do miss that plant though - and those fragrant blossoms!
Yes some of the most beautiful plants are dangerous.