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I'm trying to power through Battlestar Galactica before Hulu loses it. I'm assuming I don't have to worry about spoiler alerts after 14 years. Right? #scifi

I'd power though maybe to the end of season 3 and then quit.

@Brian Ó 🐟 I'm at beginning of Season 2 where we learn how quickly an incompetent leader can cause the whole thing to unravel very quickly. I've heard bad things peaked in the first half.

I think the first two seasons were fantastic. Kind of jumped the shark later on. The problem is, there was no real mythology behind the Cylons from the beginning. The writers were making it up as they went along, and it stopped making sense after a while.

The later seasons had some good moments, but over all I wasn't thrilled.

Lucky boy, I loved it so much at the time.
Do you feel it has aged gracefuly or not ?

@Robert Biloute - on I've never watched it before so can't tell a before/after experience. I will say that it looks like a present-day SyFy channel effects level for the most part so I'd say pretty good. The story line seems to be relatively modern as of Season 2 Episode 5 as well.

What they did with space battle scenes was really smart, I think that's what caught my attention first.
That and the dark tone of it (911 didn't help I guess)

or just download the show and have a copy and never rely on cloud services to always have it

@charliebrownau is there a place to do that legally?

@charliebrownau is there a place to do that legally?

Who defines what is " LEGAL "

Government that is corrupt
Corporations that are never held accountable
Anti Pirating boards funded millions to keep the old system of distribution ?

Governments that remove free speech, freedom of expression and the ability to use encryption ?

@charliebrownau I'm not interested in political screeds on this topic thread thank you very much.

Income "TAX" is only "LEGAL" because they government do it

Hank your missing my point, pirating is only legal if the GOVERNMENT and system makes it "ILLEGAL
It does not matter if your RIGHT , CENTRE or LEFT, the CONCEPT should be the same

I enjoyed the whole series. It had some pacing issues, but it's pretty great!