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Routing issue affecting iSurf Social past 36 hours or so

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

I didn't notice this until this morning, but there's been a partial outage at our hosting provider (them and others) for about a day and a half. Apparently an IRR messed up and some subnets disappeared to some places, and we're sitting on one of those affected subnets.

If you've been unable to reach the site for a day or two, this would be why.

It's also affecting the mail delivery out from here, so if you have received some emails that are very late, this would likely be why as well.

This is one of those fun situations that unfortunately just takes time to resolve once someone has fixed it up, and apparently it was fixed earlier today.
I am still unable to reach the page... :(
Unfortunately it is still an ongoing issue, which I am calling on the provider about. I am having a difficult time a routing registry issue would take so long to resolve, once it's apparently been 'fixed' at the source.

However, one of the major route faults that I was able to see myself was resolved overnight, so perhaps it will be better for you now as well?
Hey Steve, I was noticing that there's some strangeness going on with comments & shares from my contacts here. They're not showing up in my network feed at all, unless I'm part of the thread. There is a bug about this:

Hopefully it can be completely resolved by the time the March release is done.