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Site migration complete!

!iSurf Support

That was painful how slow the data move was.

However, it's done, all looking good so far. Please let me know if you have any issues!

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@Adam most seems fine and working fast, thank you very much for your work!

Personally I just have trouble accessing the page with my own posts and my mentions ( and which give http error 500. The former works fine if I'm logged out. BTW, logging in and out only works properly when I force a refresh in my browser. I cleared the browser cache, which didn't help yet.
Hey @Gidi Kroon I'm sorry to see that that's happening. I do see the 500's in the logs but I don't know what's causing the errors around them.

I've fixed up a couple of slightly mismatched settings in PHP-FPM, but I don't know if they would have any impact.

Are you able to try from a separate browser just to see if you get the same results?
@Adam I did mainly check in Firefox, but saw the same behaviour in Chrome on desktop and mobile. But it is really not an 'urgent issue', after all I don't really need to 'see my own posts'...
Hopefully I'll see something on how to fix it soon - I've posted it as a PHP fatal error in the current Friendica stable code:
Hey @Gidi Kroon - has the behaviour changed on this at all?
@Adam Just checked and I still get the error on /profile/gidikroon when logged in and now also on /network. I can see /profile/gidikroon when not logged in. I have to select "Disable Cache", otherwise I get logged in results even after logging out.

I don't remember making a non-public post recently, so I guess the non-logged in "/profile/gidikroon" should show the same posts as the logged in one. So I don't know which post or contact triggers this... Maybe it's just random and it'll go away....
Hi @Gidi Kroon - some fatal error bugs were patched up last night, including one for the fatal error that was showing up on your profile.

What do things like your profile and network feed look like for you now?
@Adam when I test in chrome on mobile it's still the same. I'll test on desktop later, where I can clear cache. It turns out it's only my posts and my mentions that don't work ( and The normal network page works, but it seemed broken earlier because I seemed to enter at the "?mention=1" variant which is broken.
Aha! I missed part of one of the patches relating to this failure. I've added the missing piece in, hopefully that resolves it now?
@Adam It was just resolved!

I found the problematic post ( , with an empty mention tag) and while I was experimenting with it, it suddenly loaded properly again. Apparently that was you fixing it... nothing I did...

Thanks for all the effort!
I'd be happy with it resolving either way, heh! Though I'm glad there was a code fix to strengthen Friendica against what I guess must just be a weird condition.

Thanks for your patience and retries, it's of course greatly helpful when I'm not seeing the problem myself.