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What’s the Difference Between Hybrid Seeds and GMOs?.... One argument that you’ll often hear from supporters of GMOs is that people have been creating seed hybrids and selecting for certain genes for nearly as long as farming has been around…and today’s genetically engineered crops are no different. It sounds like a pretty good argument, but once you understand the science behind natural propagation, hybrid seeds, and genetically modified seeds, you’ll see that the argument is based on ignorance rather than science.
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Quite correct. GMOs are radically different than standard sexual reproduction. That is how they plan to make their money.

Hi Tom, It's a "Brave New World"........... Dhan

I sat through many meetings years ago when the University of Guelph had speakers go around to all the farmer meetings and talk about all the wonderful things that Biotech was going to do for us. The universities jumped on the band wagon and saw this as a big revenue maker. They idolized this "new technology" Follow the money.

I think that this is a strong argument, instead, to understand why GMOs are safe...

At the very least, the generalization that GMOs are safe would be irresponsible. When you are merging genes from distantly-related species into other species, with the resulting progeny having radically different properties from those that have been evolved in-place, over time - that is a wide-open realm for problems, on an ecosystem-wide basis.

Hi, When a farmer farts in Ireland, there is a hurricane in Bali...... Dhan

Hi, CHAOS THEORY :- A very small action can have a huge result...... Dhan

GMOs are not even a small action. They are revolutionary.

Hi, I am trying to show some context for others to grab onto.
The next revolution will be Electromagnetic Genetic Modification, which i am sure already exists in the Dark Projects.
Read about BIOGENESIS ( from the early 1800's ) :-
.... Dhan

GMO's were granted the "get out of jail card" with the anti-scientific and arbitrary status of "substantial equivalence". No long term food safety needs to apply.

GMO's should not be regarded as a class of products. Each one presents a completely different potential set of threats - which we have little to no way of testing.

Good point Tom. Most of all, testing takes time which it seems we don't have enough of;)

Monsanto has no intention of investing tons of money only to find that they may cause big problems...

Well, they did find problems. The trick is to design a study that shows it is benign and then throw out the "anomalous" ones. Actually the additives (surfactants) are exempt from testing. They make the active ingredient much more toxic. But you probably already knew that.

You know that for each problem found there are any number that could come out later in the field. I myself think most of these products are not worth the risk.

Hi, The next step is BIOGENESIS, VACUUM ENGINES, WADDINGTON CELL VALLEY LINEAGE etc............................. Dhan