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What pisses me off is how many of us were/are doing the right thing but enough of us, egged on by most GOP leaders (DeWine and Hogan two big exceptions), see doing the opposite as the better path so they can "own the libs" or because it is against "muh freedomz"
[bookmark=]You can have either 1 cookie right now or 10,000 cookies in 90 days. What do you choose?

Japan: 90 days, 10,000 cookies.
Canada: Same.
EU: Same.
US: Just give me the fucking cookie, asshole, and no I'm not wearing a fucking mask either.[/bookmark]
Yes, the leadership are enabling the behavior. Still, IMO, in this period of history we USians need to own up to the fact that in aggregate we are an evil people. Who says "I'm not going to wear a mask and knowingly contribute to killing someone's grandma to own the libs" other than an insane or evil person?