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Why I ditched POP!_os 20.04

In total counter-sense, as usual, here my reasons to ditch POP!_os 20.04!

# # # # # # # # # #

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People who want Ubuntu are, in most cases, better of with POP. They simply, often, do not care about the command line.

A switch to Devuan will not help to loose the feeling imho. Old kernels are still in place. The latest one does not use Gnome. That is ok but I have the feeling it is better to simply make a list of what is needed and wished for.
I think the same about this new generation of Linux distros that try only to catch up new users like: ElementaryOS, POP!_os, Manjaro, Zorin, etc...
I was thinking to install # or # but eventually I decided to mix both and I am going to install #! 😁
You got it man! 👍