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Who remembers BBS, logging in with a win3.1 PC to the academic VAX while running a terminal emulator with a 300 baud modem, then playing chess or D&D on the ARPANET?

Share your story :)
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Good times! The internet felt so much more... personal. I started to say 'smaller', but it didn't feel small to me, even then. I think it may have even felt larger - nearly infinite, in those days. Now-a-days, with Google becoming sole gatekeeper of the web (for most), it feels smaller and more claustrophobic than ever. These distributed/federated projects do give me some hope, though!

I realize the BBS services weren't technically the 'internet', but in my memories they fall in that category - hence my previous rant. BBS services, sharing 'warez' on IRC (only backup copies of course ;) ), dial up internet, memberships in software 'clubs'... it's all grouped together in one fond memory bucket for me :P
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I ran a BBS back in the late 80's initially on Desqview before moving to Windows 3.11 :) LOVED playing Tradewars 2002 on there. And then in college I got into a few MUD games, my favorite being a Star Trek themed one that a friend of mine ran on one of the college of engineering servers. Still not sure how he kept that hidden from them!

Then there were the PDP8's at the community college ;)

@Shelenn Ayres where my dad work they had a PDP-11/73 that I was able to play around on :) They also had something before that, I don't remember what it was, that they gave me when they upgraded to the PDP-11/73. All I remember about it is it was huge, heavy, and had dual 8" floppy drives!

Yes the 11/7x series (as well as other mini/mainframes) had those huge floppies (well before the 3.5 inch drives). But they often had tape drives and punchcard systems as well. The PDP8's were predecessors that used octal instead of hexidecimal. These were around the time of the ARPANET which was the predecessor to the Internet. ;)

@Shelenn Ayres I do know what they had before the PDP-11/73 wasn't DEC. I'll have to talk with my dad and see if he remembers or if he possibly still has it (doubt it though). Oh, and I also had a DEC Alpha about 20 some years ago. That thing was great for running Linux on!

Interesting timing on your post! I ran a couple of BBSes back in the day on Amigas, was a pile of fun, had quite the quirky social scene too. As I'm an amateur radio operator as well, and I've just in the past few days had the itch to start looking at running a packet BBS. I don't know if it'll come to fruition, but I may give it a run through and see how it goes.

I had night-time BBS with FidoNet echo-conferences and some files for share...with acorp dialup modem it was not very stable
Even managed to be in so-called ZXnet - is an FTN (FIDO fork) network for 8-bit computers ZXSpectrum:
It was fun. But now is even more fun.

IF you play's your move...USCF or Fide

Of source...we remember...and now I will play

Meh...30 years of Internet...the curmudgeon

Let me have your expense...just having some fun, so bear (bare) with me

Yes, I remember. Three odd 3.5 FD and the 50 odd 3.5 FD for MS Office. And the backup of said disks; did you have to remind me? I've touched or observed, punch cards, paper tape, magnetic tape, and to what end? Your reference certainly dates us, probably, to the month, so, Best of Show!

Thanks...I was in one of those moods...a rat has moved in under my house and I needed a lift of spirit