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I explored Rust to look at writing lower level but safe code. Really I want to mostly get away from raw pointers, memory management, walking off end of array/string. Thanks to @osnews story today I learned about V. Looks interesting. #programming

The V Programming Language

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At least, utf8_str_len returns number of codepoints. 🤔
translation features seem promising. Will give it a try.
this does touch upon many of the dumb choices I found were made in #golang because all choices, including dumb ones, and those behind them, are in effect insulated from reality by #google. So they often double down on proven stupid decisions because they can. It took many years just to get a very grudgingly and rather poorly done module system for reproducible builds finally tolerated.
YES! Indeed, V is terribly interesting, though I've yet to really do much more than read about it.

There's also Zig:

Zig was quite disinteresting to me initially because it was implemented entirely with C++ and LLVM. However they have begun the process of writing a self-hosting compiler.

Rust is the Perl (or worse) of compiled languages. Too complex, too ugly, too inelegant.