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I so totally agree with this list! Windows 10 definitely is a quantum leap improvement over Windows 8 such that it finally got me off Windows 7. The update suck among other things was still enough to make me take the jump to #linux and never look back.
Where's 3.1?! 😀
@David Thiery That was my first Windows experience, Windows for Workgroups 3.11 specifically. For its time it was pretty impressive actually. I had been coming from Macintosh System 7 and Apple II. I was sadly impressed by how well 3.11 worked compared to System 7, after buying all the Apple marketing speak for so long. Still I jumped at upgrading to Windows95 when it came out!
the worst ? was millenium
@herve_02 Yeah that was second runner up in their list 😀.
I would rate Windows versions on a 1-10 scale:
3.0: 2
3.1: 3
3.11: 4
95: 3
98: 5
ME: 1
XP: 7
7: 9
8: 5
10: 8
NT, 2000, and the whole Server family are rather outside the scope of this comparison.
Note that I consider 7 the best version so far - I would rank 10 above that, if it hadn't inherited so much from 8. Especially the crippled Settings.
@Hank G 3.11 was actually pretty decent, 3.1 on the other hand sucked. I ran a BBS back then and was using Desqview for multitasking which worked really well. I decided to try Windows 3.1 and it was a total mess. The worst part was it messed up the system clock for my BBS and that really screwed up with a lot of the doors I had on the BBS. I quickly went back to Deskview.
Add anyone else try setting up a LAN under 95? You follow the instructions to the letter and it just sits there doing nothing. So you try again and get the same result. Nothing else has ever made me want to throw a PC at a wall more than that.
I think the first time I tried that was under Windows98 and it went off pretty successfully.
I think they fixed the problem by then.