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Chat / XMPP support and testing

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Hi all,

I'm not sure if you know or not, but Friendica has a built-in chat option that we pretty much have to leave disabled, as it has some bugs that conflict with the two most common & usable themes. It also relies on a javascript chat app that is no longer developed.

That said, we do have an integrated chat system on the iSurf Social platform, which you can use with either a standard XMPP client (such as Pidgin, gajim, or Conversations for Android or Xabber for Android - there's IOS apps too), or if you'd like to test/try out a web-based chat client here, which I'm going to have some discussion with the developers on replacing the old unsupported client with, please give a try. It's a rediculously simple setup, nothing fancy. You use your username & password to login in to it.

If you would like any further information on how to use any of the other clients I mentioned, please let me know!

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Didn’t you mean to use the exclamation-mark mention for this announcement?

Nope, as I wanted it to reach further than that. However, I think I meant to word things a little bit differently to make it clear there was scope beyond my node.

I mean, I’m happy for your node, but as a Friendica user not registered on yours, it isn’t actionable for me. Not sure about the scope size.

I'm happy for my node too! :-D

The larger scope points are around ensuring more people know (outside of social.isurf) that the users here may be able to do XMPP, and that with people like yourself, I'm hoping we can get some traction on getting chat integrated soon (and I think jappix has to go... though that is likely for outside of this thread). It seems that getting the bugs out the themes with jappix hasn't been happening, and perhaps we can begin to look to use something that's being actively developed. *shrug*

I tried to set up prosody on my machine, but I never got anywhere, and I ended up throwing my hands up. If I had a working XMPP server setup, I'd indeed be more motivated to look into a modern approach.

If you have any interest at any point, feel free to let me know. I could either get ejabberd going for you or help with what I know. The modifications required from the stock debian package are pretty minimal.

clicked the link with the browser... i see myself logged in on the right roster but no field to enter chat on the left... i suppose that means a xmpp client is needed

The roster on the right is where you enter your chats from. You have to add something in to your roster so you have something to chat with. Please let me know if I'm not being terribly clear on how that works.

To use I would need credentials that don't appear to work with that webclient. To download xabber for pc I would need to know a trusted source which I do not. Suggestions?

I'm not sure which approach you're looking for. I personally wouldn't use a web client from another site (Xabber even states that they could intercept your password). For desktop I would recommend pidgin or gajim. When you set up your account in a desktop client your full jabber/XMPP id would be

There's a good list of XMPP clients here.

ok thanks... I will look further into it. Simple chat is a good start if we could block it into the UI!

Accessibility Idea for posts that might also work with chat:
The ability to leave a voice comment can be seen as an accessibility feature for the visually and mobility impaired. Since Friendica can be used with a browser, the ability to use a screen reader likely already exists.

What would be the chance something like this can be added?

Longer range idea:
End to end encrypted group chats and voice conversations is desirable for many reasons - one being associated with trade secrets. If we want to garner industry support and sponsorship for open source development we have to find a way to make it capable enough they could use it for remote project collaboration etc.

Chat is a start :) Adding voice and video are goals for me. This is something of interest but outside my scope of expertise:
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You could also have a look at Converse.js, another very actively-maintained and overall great xmpp webclient.

Converse.js is great, indeed. See the FOSDEM 2019 talk/video!

I should follow up quickly on this... I did mis-speak in my original post as I was confusing one chat addon with another. Friendica's 'XMPP' addon uses an old version of converse, while there is another XMPP chat addon that uses jappix mini.

I have been toying with updating the converse code, and it looks like recent versions of converse have some pretty ugly UI bugs in them - at least with the browsers I'm testing with. I'm going to go back a few releases for testing today, see if I can't get a usable solution in place for the addon.

Pluspora also operates an XMPP server.