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Google+ connections may stop working as of today

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

As you probably have already seen, some parts of Google+ are beginning to shut down.

I have received a couple of email notifications from Google about their API being shut down as of today, which means that posts to/from Google+ from here will stop functioning.

Some people are apparently still seeing some functionality so I suppose it's possible that it could take some time for this feature to stop operating completely, but it's probably good to know that it will be stopping very soon.

Thanks for the note. I expected it would stop as the API is shutoff.

Apparently the shutdown is not orderly and all users are not affected by different things stopping at the same time. LOL

What I find most amusing with Google's emails on the subject is they state: "This has
been a progressive shutdown where calls to affected APIs began
intermittently failing on January 28, 2019."

That may be true, but aside from problems with our own settings locally, the API seems to have been working pretty consistently well.