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Flu Near You

I've been participating in the Flu Near You program for a long time. I suggest you do also, especially in light of what's coming. It's simple and costs nothing but a few seconds of time each week.

Once a week, you get an email reminding you to check in and a link to the web site. If you're not sick, click one button. If you are symptomatic with any cold or flu, click the other button and you'll be asked a few more questions.

The data is collected by zip code and becomes part of the CDC's data collection, which you can also examine to see what's going on around you. Otherwise, the CDC has little idea what's going on in the population other than reports from doctors and hospitals.

So git along there now and sign up: Thank you!
Too bad it's not "" -- it's (currently) for USA alone.
Ahh, true that. A global system would be even more useful.