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Accessibility Need:

I would like to put a display on the wall that does nothing but show a particular YouTube livestream video 24/7. I don't want it to have any user interaction other than turning it on or off. It cannot require finding the stream every time it is powered on or other use of a remote control for accessibility reasons. From what I have seen so far with YT Apps on so-called smart TVs, there is a constant need to do so every time the app is started which is not acceptable.

Does anyone know how I can obtain such a display?
mpv, scripted, should be configurable to do just that.
mpv, scripted, can do just this.

Point it at the video stream URL, configure it to launch a full-screen video.

Run that either as a user-account or system boot time config.

Can be run from a light Linux system.

(Also commented on Mastodon.)
That looks promising.
any HDMI capable display, with a #raspberryPi or similar #SingleBoardComputer attached (#PiZero or similar would suffice, I guess?), configured to run a script on boot to load up the appropriate stream?

Properly configured you could probably even run it straight from the #framebuffer with #MPV without needing to run an X server:
It appears VLC can also do this, using VLM and a config file. This may allow for use on windows, although easier on linux. There's a full featured port of VLC to Android so it may be possible to install this on a big tablet without having to do an OS install.
I'd be interested in what you end up with 😀
FYI I don't have physical access to the location atm but will once the visit ban is lifted. So the next consideration that comes to mind is heat and performance. It is not unusual for a TV to be on 24/7. In the use case I have in mind the display would be mounted on the wall next to a TV and on from 8 am to 8 pm. Currently there is a Kindle Fire nearby not being used. I don't know if the Kindle could be used for that purpose.