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I'm thankful for being able to make my app a little less fugly in just a couple hours of work :). Decent looking enough I don't mind sharing a screenshot even. #dotnet #avaloniaui #linux

I'm using Avalonia because I want to target Linux, Mac, and PC. I'm developing it almost entirely on #linux though and that's where the screenshot is from. I'll push out a lot more details as it comes to more fruition though.
What's your app?
A social media fusion portal with some other goals in mind like having better control of your own data at time of creation. I'm developing it in the open but not making a big splash about it this early on:
.NET should be avoid thinking of free software :-(
Every component that is being used is open source in one way or another. In my opinion .NET is no more a problem for open source than Java, NPM, Electron, or anything else for that matter.
I second that. Although I don't like the Microsoft's cloud strategy, they really have changed concerning open source and other operating systems than Windows.
@Michael Vogel I agree. At this point I trust them far more than Oracle on pretty much everything. However just like with Oracle/Java I want to keep the development stack totally open source. So that means using OpenJDK not OracleJDK and .NET Core not the closed source version of it (although that's going away too).
Some years ago I had been in Microsoft's HQ near Munich. I had a nice talk with some guy there concerning these points.
ok in my point of view it's too soon to use microsoft technologies

.NET is not free software, it is open source with no licensing fee, but it is not free software and their is a license. It's not public domain, it's not CC, it's not gpl... it's proprietary software.
No one knows that the next version will be the same and with the obligation of updates it is possible to have developed an application that relies on a technology that come with juridical issues.
@Michael Vogel

Who knows who will be the next big chef of microsoft, who knows that it will be a forever licensing free ? who knows it will be open source forever ? who knows what will happen if .NET become really popular ?

There are a lot of free software framework.. why choosing one with proprietary license. Ok it's open source, but open source do not change the world. And in my computer (and some of my friends) their will never be a mono or .NET techno.
@herve_02 .net core does have the MIT license. Even if Microsoft would decide to stop developping it or would (try to) remove it, you could easily (and legally) fork it.
Who knows who will be the next big chef of microsoft, who knows that it will be a forever licensing free ? who knows it will be open source forever ? who knows what will happen if .NET become really popular ?
All of those questions can be asked of any open source product regardless of license, not just of Microsoft.
I guess that the same thing will happen that happened with Open Office, MySQL, Owncloud, ...

The project will be forked and will be developed by someone else.
yes @Brad Koehn ☑️ that is why i only choose free software and i do not work with pirated proprietary software.

no non-free in my apt-sources And so there’s no reason you should object to .Net over any other free software on those grounds.
ok no problems
@herve_02 which development stack would you recommend someone use for desktop app development on a greenfield project?
@Michael Vogel

For mysql the solution was to restart from scratch to produce MariaDB and php-mysql is dead. To bad for old site that must be recoded.
that happened when oracle bought mysql.

but this is another question.
Well, MariaDB wasn't done from scratch. They included stuff from MySQL as well. And it was a good decision to let php_mysql die. PDO is a much more general and more object driven variant. BTW: I really would hope that php_mysqli will be deprecated in the near future as well.
@Michael Vogel

do you realize that the more abstract is the code, the more cpu you use. Do you realize that we run for a lowtech and low-consumption hardware and software because of climate change thus those meta-mega libs are not so clever ?

Le'ts construct a lib that open with the same code, whatever database, plain text, pdf, docx, odt, .indd, .svg, .xml , url, html, clever ? with large object and let's go for I24 256 cores.

object variant in non connected mode.. such a good idéa : each request object are created and destroyed. very very smart. no pdo is not that clever : you trade abstraction for performance. fast development more cpu.

do you know that ovh had to improve there infra just because every body use wordpress for a large bunch of statics pages recalculated each visit ?