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Network link error

Hello all. I first mentioned the fact I was getting gateway errors when going to the main site link which is rendering the network link. For a brief period of time it was just ungodly slow (taking minutes to render) versus not working but for the past couple weeks it is back to being nothing but gateway errors. I posted a comment to the Friendica Matrix forum as well because I think it is a change to the code that is causing the problem not a configuration issue. The reason I say that is because it makes no sense to me that the flag over the network title should have 220,840 posts (attached). Also going to other places directly avoids trying to return the general posts query thus avoids whatever insane data build up it's doing. With the current state of things Friendica is basically unusable to me.

Hi there, Hank, I'm sorry this has been hitting your timeline so hard.

I have gone and adjusted max execution time on the backend - are you able to load the network feed now?
Unfortunately no 🙁. Did you see any server thrashing or stats from the query? I just tried it five minutes ago, if you want to look in your logs around this time frame.
I'd be happy to coordinate an interactive session so you can see what is happening live.
Thanks, Hank, I have bumped the execution time limit up from 90s to 180s. Maybe it will load?

On the debug/diagnostic side of things, we've got the time frame of loading up your timeline and a slow query log, so I expect we'll find a means of correcting this appropriately pdq.
I want to keep you updated - one of the developers has been keenly interested in resolving the slowness and has been having me feed him some data on what's going on. He's already found unneeded query conditions and says a PR will be out soon, and he's still getting more data from me, so I think he's on a tear to fix these cases up. I'll let you know as soon as we've been able to apply fixes.
It's working right now and the number icon on my Network icon shows "1" not a quarter million. So that's good! I'd love to know what the changes were.
No changes yet. I suspect some query's completed that got your feed marked as 'read'?
I'm thinking it's my Twitter connection that's causing the problem. Just sitting there typing this out the received posts could go up to 30 or 40. That's roughly 30-40 per minute. The Twitter bridge settings are a bit opaque but I think I've configured it to not stream my Twitter timeline over any longer. I should just get posts I created, maybe now even with replies I created, and responses to them. I think...
Currently the initial "network" query is taking 2-8 seconds, which seems reasonable. Loading of images and other data taking another 2-20 seconds depending on what is being rendered, which is including dozens of post images etc. Again seems reasonable.
OK, the fix-up was released and has been applied, hopefully whatever caused that mess or just allowed it to create hugely long queries has been resolved.
I've disabled the ingestion of tweets from my Twitter timeline too. I think me tweeting over there should still post over here but that should be it.