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User with issues un-friending accounts

!Friendica Support

I have a user on the system who's having difficulty removing contacts. One contact is a twitter account, the other contact tried is a local account. The user gets the error "The form security token was incorrect. This probably happened because the form has not been submitted within 3 hours."

As this issue seems to be consistent for them, what should I do next?

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Hmm, this should had been solved in that version. Did this happen with deleting or unfollowing?
This is just unfollowing.
Question is, which function has he taken? In that version we had both options. This "form security" thing is a frontend thing, so the chosen function does matter.
OK, thanks for the clarification, I'll double-check. I just did an unfollow-and-then-delete on a contact, which worked, and a delete on a follower account, which worked as well. They were both Diaspora accounts.

I will get more info.
It could be a theme thing.
OK, more info: The user is using frio, and was hitting the big 'X' link in the user card on a group page, ie: /group/none

That seems to me to not be either an unfollow or delete action, but more of a group management action. However, I believe that's where he was hitting the form security token issue.