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System76 firmware update

Since my first (and unique) System76 laptop purchase I have never had a kind word for this company. I have been always complaining about their policy to support just Ubuntu... However it seems they did some steps toward to non Ubuntu or Pop_os users, in fact I was able to update the firmware just with a usb iso (pop_os!) in demo mode and everything worked totally fine as described in their documentation.

At least for one time System76 were been able to let me say something positive about you! 🍻

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We can only realistically support the distributions that we sell on our hardware. Providing support for every distribution would be a nightmare for the engineering and quality assistance teams. QA already has to test every new pull request on Pop 18.04, Pop 19.04, and Ubuntu 18.04 (if provided for Ubuntu).

Installing a different distribution means you know what you're doing. Luckily, compiling and packaging our software on other distributions is easy to do. Everything's on GitHub.
@Michael Aaron Murphy your product line isn’t that large, it doesn’t seem that big of a deal to support at least 2-3 other major distros. Most distros are derived from just a few major ones, so having drivers packaged for the major distros seems to me a reasonable expectation for a ‘gnu/Linux machine’. If that’s too hard you could instead just call it an ‘Ubuntu machine’...

Ismael J doesn't like this.

I totally I agreed.

It was my fault buying your laptop, next time I will not buy a laptop designed for anything related with Ubuntu.
@Daniel I agree with your points. I just think it’s an unreasonable expectation of them to support Redox... however, it is reasonable to expect them to support, at the very least, the several major GNU/Linux distros that the majority of other distros are based upon - considering it’s a device marketed as a ‘Linux computer’.
I understand that for a commercial entity its easier have relationships with another commercial entity like Canonical. The result unfortunately it is not in line with the general concept of the free-software.

At this point is better buying other computers that work fine with Linux that aren't tailored only for a specific distribution... Especially Ubuntu...
We are agreed! 👍

Regarding the fimware specifically Systemd76 refused, not sure now, to adopt LVFS which is provided by Red Hat but at least is usable for all. Generally speaking if you contribute back to Debian everything is spread along all the derivates. While if you provide a very basic shell script is (almost) usable everywhere.

By the way System76 can do whatever it wants, but I will not support it again when I will need to buy a new computer or laptop.
@Daniel fwiw, I am in the market for a laptop right now. That’s why I’m particularly interested in this topic. I don’t buy new hardware on a whim like most and find some use for old machines for years to come, so I am trying to make a good decision. Do you have any recommendations? It’s very hard to find Linux specific companies in the USA, and when I do they seem to have issues like these - not true libre / free software supporters, just using it to take advantage of the niche market
As a matter of fact most of the laptops sold by System76 are Clevo laptop rebranded. This might be a good start:

You can also take a look at this list of US sellers:

New Librem13 and Librem15 are pretty cool, but you have to read carefully what PureOS is and how it works respect a Debian distro, it is also shipped with Gnome3, while I use Xfce4 as my primary DE:

Most of the Dell laptop should be running fine with many Linux distro.

And eventually this database based on users installation:
@Daniel great info! Thank you very much! I will be digging deeper as soon as im on my desktop
I forgot to mention something else... If you are not in a rush a good compromise about power and free-software might be found in laptops that use the latest Ryzen CPU + VEGA GPU, or a Ryzen APU.

I quickly found this page, ignore the Nvidia GPU based, and take a look at the amd GPU ones, if you have time checking each laptops you can verify if are Linux compatible.
Fine, so we have to separate all this matter in computers/laptops that are Linux friendly and the ones that are Ubuntu friendly, in this scenario I select the former ones... So it means that Ubuntu friendly != Linux friendly, this companies must be more clear to avoid confusion on their customers.
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