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Followed URL I recieved in email from you...

Ok thanks I will look at the settings on that account.

Note, issue perhaps related to fact I created two logins initially bonespurr then bonespur using same Gmail account. I recently deleted first account.

Not sure but that is why I was thinking we need to check with Adam Clark to see how long he has the timeout set for user accounts to actually delete and if he can see some issue database side.

I had one on another node that gave me that message. I simply let it expire since I settled in here.

Maybe when that the extra one is completely gone, it will solve the Page Not Found problem.

I don't think so, in g+ post I tried to show that urls created in new contacts are wrong.

Have you tried using Friendica on a desktop or laptop to see if you have the same issues?

I use a desktop, and the Page Not Found shows up when I click on his name in the Directory and also when I click on his contact picture on my profile.

I have not changed the settings, and his is the only profile I am having the problem with. The browser is Chrome. I just tried clearing the history. I also put an Allow on the popup blocker, to allow popups for The same thing happens.

If I click on any other names in the Directory, their profile pops up - not "Page Not Found."

This seems odd Tara and likely the reason why you find it odd to use ;) I am going to double check my use of directory in many ways to see if I can repeat your issue.

Ok, I went to my contacts page, left clicked on 4 different people's names (not right clicked the picture) and their profiles open ok. I did the same in the global directory with the same success. I am using Google Chrome with minimal extensions active. I have to wonder if one of your extensions running is causing an issue or are you right clicking like we do on other platforms to open pictures?

@Adam Clark different issue above that looks like you may be able to address.