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New User Difficulties

!iSurf Support

I have been bringing some people over from G+ and Open Simulator. Almost all of them have the same difficulty getting on board. After a lot of discussion, we've determined why so I want to provide this feedback in the hope it helps:

The confusion begins at the page because the login and signup is a combined tool. New users generally think when they enter an email address and a password then click signup they are registered with that username and password. They don't realize the password they used is ignored and that they need to get a temporary one from a link in an email from

This is a common usability design error. The preferred method is to have a registration or sign up button (with a text link underneath it that says something like already a member? Login) where clicking on the registration button opens a registration form or clicking the already a member link opens the login form.

An alternative method... show more

Hey @Shelenn Ayres - I am pretty much in agreement with you on this, and I think some adjustments to the registration + login pages would certainly be helpful.

This is something I can and will look in to to see how much hacking one has to do to adjust that layout, and while I did notice you'd mentioned this more recently, I believe the creator/maintainer of the theme we use by default here is @Rabuzarus and it may be worthwhile to ping him about it perhaps in @Friendica Support

I will have a look in to seeing how I might be able to make a helpful quick adjustment too... I'm going to have to get my test & devel nodes updated, haven't worked with them in awhile! ;-)

I had the opposite problem. I registered earlier today and used my nickname and the password from the registration email to log in. Everything worked fine. I changed that password to my preferred one, then I installed an Android app (Frendiqa) and tried to log in with that, but it wouldn't let me in with the new password. I tried with my email address and new password, but still couldn't get in. I was still logged in on the Opera browser on my tablet, though.

Today I tried to log in using Opera on my PC and still couldn't get in, so I requested a password reset and finally was able to get in. I'm now concerned about changing my password again in case it locks me out again.

Can only speculate on what may have occurred when you originally tried to change your password - sounds like the process wasn't complete. Also unsure if you tried with your old/original password when you thought you were locked out.

At any rate, at no point should you be denied access if your email address is correct, so you can reset your password.

OK, thanks, Adam. I tried all combinations of nickname, email address, old password, and new password. I'll try changing it again.

Cool, glad to hear!

There actually are but a bit confusing. We need a more usability focused registration. That is something suggested overall to developers but something that can be handled per admin. :) This is why I provided detailed signup instructions on G+ but with the nature of G+ often things are not seen or found in search after a few hours.
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