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Hubzilla forum post test from Friendica 2 (now with curly braces!)

!{} Let's see if posting with curly braces works any better for posting from Friendica to Hubzilla...
So this one worked! The first one didn't, though Friendica automatically parsed the forum tag in that one and posted it on my stream as if it was posted to the forum. This one, the forum tag is not parsed (it still shows up as ! { gplus2 @ zotum . net }) and it's not displayed as if it was in a forum, and yet it's showing on Hubzilla. Weird...
So I found this in my Diaspora stream because I follow your Friendica profile. First line begins with

... which gets not parsed into a link. Can you see my "Like" and this comment?

cc: @dekks herton @Dekks Herton and whom it may concern as well.
@Olaf Wendt Yes, I can see both of them. Are you following the forum as well?
ok I haven't been following what the curly braces are about... why are they used?
@Shelenn Ayres That seems to be the current syntax to allow a non-native user to post to a forum on another service (e.g., a Friendica user posting to a Hubzilla forum, or a Diaspora user posting to either one).
Are you following the forum as well?
Not yet from D*, but I signed up a minute ago from my Hubzilla account.
@Shelenn Ayres Fundamentally, curly braces are used by all mentions. In both the Friendica and Hubzilla world (and I assume some others), there are multiple types of mentions:

@ { user @ pod } = mention of a normal user
! { forum @ pod } = mention of a group/forum "user"

Diaspora only recognizes the @ type of mention, so it leaves a bang (!) mention unparsed.

However, it does seem possible to post to a Hubzilla forum (and perhaps a Friendica forum) by starting a post with ! { forum @ pod }, assuming you have first become a member (by following forum @ pod, and the forum follows back).

My testing using hubzilla has produced...somewhat strange and hard to interpret results. A lot of it seems to work, but a post from diaspora seems to only propagate to other diaspora pods, and a lot of comments just don't propagate.

And as far as I can tell, no one has even tried posting from Friendica to a Hubzilla forum.
@Isaac Kuo
> And as far as I can tell, no one has even tried posting from Friendica to a Hubzilla forum.
Happy to fall on that grenade for you! :)
Just in case: There's quite a difference between Diaspora and Hubzilla views. Please have a look and compare:
  • grey-ish: Diaspora, as intended. Posted from Diaspora.
  • redd-ish/blue-ish: Hubzilla view: formats get parsed where not due.
@Max Kostikov
Hubzilla also offers !! which means “post via forum only”
Thank you for this hint!

(Now writing from my Hubzilla account. It's funny: The link I just posted from D\* appears as text only here on Hubzilla.)
@Max Kostikov "Nowadays Hubzilla also offers !! which means "post via forum only"."

Thanks! More stuff for me to try out and test...
I've been wondering about all this. Since Hubzilla supports a lot more markup features than D*, presumably D* just drops anything it doesn't know how to handle.
@Garry Knight I think Hubzilla and diaspora have equal support for Markdown features. Hubzilla also supports BBCode, but BBCode is less capable than Markdown (still good enough for me).

The big limitation, I think, is Friendica where some Markdown features are lost (but still readable) when translated to BBCode.