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Some profile fields set to 'e' and not editable?

!iSurf Support I notice that my profile has some information I did not enter myself, and can't edit:
- on the left box, relationship status shows as 'e'
- on the basic tab it shows as 'e never'
- on the advanced tab, sexual preference shows as 'e'

If I edit my profile, these fields do not show up, even after toggling "show more profile fields". In fact I don't think any extra field actually shows up?

Thanks in advance, and Happy New Year!

I see exactly the same thing, and I'm using Frio. But I notice that it says in the Theme settings: "Bootstrap V3 theme. The theme is currently under construction, so it is far from finished. For further information have a look at the ReadMe." But the ReadMe doesn't contain anything useful.

I see this on the Progressive Refuse community forum type account but was able to fill out my status field at an earlier date for my Shelenn Ayres regular account.
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I have "e" and "e never" on mine also and it was already there - I did not put it there and do not know what it means.

Mine has that too. I couldn't clear it either, but as long as everyone has it, Then it's not so bad. I didn't want people to think I was into something weird.

By the way, the reason I'm not able to edit these fields is because they simply aren't there when I edit my Profile. I assume it's the same for other people?

I clicked on the "Show More Profile Fields" on my profile & then clicked the Submit button, and the "e" and "e never" is gone now.

For me, "Show More Profile Fields" and save is not enough, but if I fill in the values in the Relation drop-down, save, and then edit and clear them out again they finally disappear. Thanks @Adam Clark !

I am still able to see the Progressive Refuge Profile Page. However, I still do not see myself on there as one of the contacts, even though I am a member and have the Progressive Refuge contact on my own profile.

@Tara Tisinger in your settings do you have anything turned off like show forums you belong to or something like that? Have a meeting, back later :)

Ok, I dropped the Progressive Refuge contact, then visited the Progressive Refuge profile to click on t he connect button - but there is no connect button. How do I get back in it now?

The only button I see on the Progressive Refuge profile now is "Message," but there is no "Connect" button.

but there is no "Connect" button.

That's because you're still recognised as contacts with each other. Dropping a contact will require a considerable amount of work and the worker does not prioritise such processes.

Depending on the size and busyness of you node it can take days to complete the process. It's not designed for a quick reconnecting job.

I found the connect button for Progressive Refuge another way, but it says: "You have already introduced yourself here" and will not connect.

Maybe my request is now in the "Ignored Requests" for the Progressive Refuge forum?

I just tried again. The Connect button is back on t he Progressive Refuge profile, but when I hit the connect button, it says "You have already introduced yourself here."

I will log to the progressive refuge user and delete you from the contacts list. So that you can try again.

I've dropped you from the contact list on Progressive Refuge community forum @Tara
So you can try again to see how long it takes.

Thank you Shelenn! It worked perfectly! I was able to connect again, AND I am now showing up on the contacts on the Progressive Refuge profile, as well as on my own profile! Thank you!