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Revising Pravik Singh's #newhere message for Friendica

I like the work that @Pravik Singh has done with a good #newhere response for people. I'd like to see how we can encourage people to post a similar 'hello' message here on Friendica, and if we can do so, this welcome message back seems pretty good.

Here's the code that can be cut & paste and adapted as you please (with the formatted version below):

Insert your personal message here, eg: Hello @user, I like #[url=]solarpanels[/url] too!
[h2]Welcome to the Federation![/h2]
This is a brief introduction to our system. [url=]The Federation[/url] (not to be confused with the [url=]Fediverse[/url]) is a combination of 5 different social networks:
[*] [b][url=]Friendica[/url][/b] - Conventional/Familiar social network ([url=
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