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G+ Mirror

!iSurf Support

I love that this works! It is going to provide users with a nice way to transition from G+. One thing I noticed is the timing. Sometimes it takes a long time to see the post on Friendica. What controls this?

Does it only work with posts that are marked Public (as opposed to posts in a public Collection)? I've posted a few things into public Collections over on G+ since I set this account up (with G+ Mirror) and they never propagated over. I just posted something completely publicly to see if that works.

I found in testing I had to go into my G+ account settings and make sure not only were my public shares public to everyone but also remove the 18+ restriction on my posts. Then I went back to Friendica account settings and made sure my numeric id was correct, toggled import off, saved, toggled import on, saved, then posted and it worked.

My account is not age-restricted, so that's not the issue. Under my settings, for "Google Account ID" I had the email address associated with the account; I've switched that to the numeric ID, we'll see if that works better. Thanks!

The function for pulling the feeds from G+ has a built-in 30 minute timeout on it, so it may appear to take some time if you post something and there's another 28 minutes to go before the node polls for it.

Having a look at the Google+ API quotas it looks like it can handle a lot more - I've just changed it down to 10 minutes, so things should likely appear more quickly more often now. We'll see how long it takes for the new setting to take hold. I'll check on this in a bit.

Looks like the delay is still about 30 minutes. But at least I've confirmed that (a) it's working, and (b) posts made to public Collections also come through.

Ok so I should expect to see mirrors in 10 minutes after a G+ post. Thanks!