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New User Difficulties

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I have been bringing some people over from G+ and Open Simulator. Almost all of them have the same difficulty getting on board. After a lot of discussion, we've determined why so I want to provide this feedback in the hope it helps:

The confusion begins at the page because the login and signup is a combined tool. New users generally think when they enter an email address and a password then click signup they are registered with that username and password. They don't realize the password they used is ignored and that they need to get a temporary one from a link in an email from

This is a common usability design error. The preferred method is to have a registration or sign up button (with a text link underneath it that says something like already a member? Login) where clicking on the registration button opens a registration form or clicking the already a member link opens the login form.

An alternative method... show more

I had the opposite problem. I registered earlier today and used my nickname and the password from the registration email to log in. Everything worked fine. I changed that password to my preferred one, then I installed an Android app (Frendiqa) and tried to log in with that, but it wouldn't let me in with the new password. I tried with my email address and new password, but still couldn't get in. I was still logged in on the Opera browser on my tablet, though.

Today I tried to log in using Opera on my PC and still couldn't get in, so I requested a password reset and finally was able to get in. I'm now concerned about changing my password again in case it locks me out again.

OK, thanks, Adam. I tried all combinations of nickname, email address, old password, and new password. I'll try changing it again.

There actually are but a bit confusing. We need a more usability focused registration. That is something suggested overall to developers but something that can be handled per admin. :) This is why I provided detailed signup instructions on G+ but with the nature of G+ often things are not seen or found in search after a few hours.
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