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Been a very busy few weeks, hence a lack of posting!

So the past few weeks have been a little crazy. It got busy earlier in June with a road trip to do a test drive of a PHEV Outlander, which I did wind up purchasing, and has so far been absolutely stellar. For fun, here's a pic of it during it's first quick charge:
And with no partner around yesterday, I decided to take a drive out to a neighbouring community and use the quick charger there. Was a fantastic night for a drive:

Then beyond the new vehicle, it's been school wrap-up time for my boys, Field Day weekend with the local amateur radio club two weekends ago, my partner playing in a battle of the bands event last Thursday, then off on Friday afternoon for a fishing trip over our long weekend... Lots of extra prep in between for the two weekends as well.

It's been fun, hectic and tiring. Am enjoying a relatively quieter week to catch up on things and take a breath or two.

Sorry I missed your comment a few weeks ago. It's been a strange month here.

As a quick follow-up to this - I've been really very happy with the vehicle so far. It's been fantastic putting so many electric miles on around town. I've put a couple of thousand K's on it in the past month and t's highway abilities are great as well.