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New User Difficulties

!iSurf Support

I have been bringing some people over from G+ and Open Simulator. Almost all of them have the same difficulty getting on board. After a lot of discussion, we've determined why so I want to provide this feedback in the hope it helps:

The confusion begins at the page because the login and signup is a combined tool. New users generally think when they enter an email address and a password then click signup they are registered with that username and password. They don't realize the password they used is ignored and that they need to get a temporary one from a link in an email from

This is a common usability design error. The preferred method is to have a registration or sign up button (with a text link underneath it that says something like already a member? Login) where clicking on the registration button opens a registration form or clicking the already a member link opens the login form.

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Hey @Shelenn Ayres - I am pretty much in agreement with you on this, and I think some adjustments to the registration + login pages would certainly be helpful.

This is something I can and will look in to to see how much hacking one has to do to adjust that layout, and while I did notice you'd mentioned this more recently, I believe the creator/maintainer of the theme we use by default here is @Rabuzarus and it may be worthwhile to ping him about it perhaps in @Friendica Support

I will have a look in to seeing how I might be able to make a helpful quick adjustment too... I'm going to have to get my test & devel nodes updated, haven't worked with them in awhile! ;-)