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The 20 Movie Challenge - Day 6

A fun project to help us learn about each other.
20 films that had an impact on you, for the next 20 days.
Only post a pic.** No film title or comment.**
Number them and use the hashtags below.
#20MovieChallenge #movies #film

Hmm.. thought it was the original!

is this a film with a clown ?

I don't think so, Anna. But, I believe there is a giant demonic bat! Feel free to jump in any time, @Adam Clark!

@Lil' Beanie
You're right. This man with the severe skin problems is one of the ghost busters in Poltergeist I

It was gruesome at the time. I'm afraid with modern effects it hasn't aged well.

It was nearly rated R for this scene, apparently. (I read it on the internets... heh)

Just remember, it started with a zit! \o/

Not nearly as bad as that bloody finger-sucking old dude in Tobe's earlier movie! :D