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Covering all the bases

!Google+ 2.0 (unofficial forum) !{}

As we continue to co-opt poor @Isaac Kuo 's forum for our own cross-platform testing purposes. Sorry Isaac! It's for the long-term greater good, I promise! :)

Format test:
! gplus2 @ zotum . net ! { gplus2 @ zotum . net }
This entry was edited (1 year ago)

Alas, while this showed up on the HZ forum page, but did not get formatted on F'ca as "Trevor Schadt via Google+ 2.0" as I had hoped.

Oh - gplus2 @ zotum . net isn't mine at all. The one I set up is: retrocomputingtestijk @ hub . toot . cat

(I include all these extra spaces to prevent them from being parsed by diaspora/hubzilla/friendica/etc as this comment gets propagated wherever...)

No worries. We liked the borrowed test. :-)

I think @ notifies the Channel while ! just places the post in the Channel.

By the way, you can edit and add the Category Tests to the post. And Fediverse too. Not .Fediverse.