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Anyone else notice this?

Going to have to play wack-a-mole with ignoring spam accounts.

Lately there seem to be #spam activities on #joindiaspora - they randomly like your posts.

Don't try the links those accounts offer in their user names.

Tifoel Free Nuts ---***.***.ru
vrtx ---***.***.website
Neoras Etlere --- www.sеху.***.ru

Spam! On my Diaspora?

I've noticed a lot of signups to my node are suspicious... I might see if others get certain types of bizarro email addresses signing up.
JB Carroll doesn't like this.

Can you easily tell where they are registering from? As in, all from the same location by IP?

I have only been doing Normal level logging currently - I will have to find out which loglevel will show information about registrations, or perhaps I'll have to follow the apache logs to figure it out a bit.

Yea, I saw a couple. I ignored them. I don't think that prevents them from liking your posts though.

I was wondering about if likes could be avoided after a contact is blocked. Not sure if Friendica fully blocks spammers from liking or not.

I got a number of these today for the first time. Blech.

Me too. Likes on my share of @Alyson's post.

Yeah there's also a serious problem in reporting comments, where when you report a comment, it goes to your own podmin, not to their podmin.

These accounts were on JD. Registrations are disabled so I guess they are coming from invites. I purged all I could find. If you find any similar accounts still open please report them. and spamliked my posts.

Not sure you can search the DB on their natural name, but the pattern the bot is using appears to be **.ru$
Perhaps you can search for users names with that regex and see what turns up.

I should say a matching pattern. I've had 3 bots follow something of mine and they all had something my regex catches.

It seems to be that they use a new tactic: I got a notification, that s/o has started sharing with me. In the profile is the sexy.*.ru-link again

Yea, noticed that a few days ago. I haven't received any for a few days now though.