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...and so i begins...

..just as the Kurds warned, and the BBC mentioned that Turkey had planned..the turkish murderer Erdogan calls the strikes as Operation Peace Spring .....(am sickened...)
So, how many deaths does Mr. Great-and-Unmatched-Wisdom require before he determines Turkey has gone too far?
...two so far...which is two too many for me...
In other words this is trump sponsored genocide.
Remember, we're supposed to buy that Dumpy was all, 'People gonna die?' when ordering/cancelling a strike on Iran.
..the vids coming out of Ras al-Ayn...on the border with Turkey, look of the ISIS fighter camps, held by the Kurds, and including families are getting shelled..also, have all US military pulled out of these areas as well?
How much money did they pay to Trump in order to take out the Kurds?
....donnie demento has two large hotels/resorts in major cities in taxes on the hotels are being suddenly lowered by the Nation of Turkey...
He doesn't own the towers, his name is leased. The owner is a former opponent and now supporter of ... drumroll ... Recep Erdogan.