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too late stupid people
Being an idiot is deadly!
Well we never claimed the anti-vaxxers were quick off the mark.
they can't find the mark hahahaha
"they can’t find the mark hahahaha" are you really laughing at others misfortune ? don't you live in a world where folks are constantly lied to and tricked into making "choices" that are contrary to their own interests?
why yes I am laughing at them they are willfully stupid! There has been a pandemic for 18+months and if people want to get the disease and die it is their choice; why should I feel sorry for their choices they made? No one lied to me! I pay attention... these people are intellectually lazy and they brought all this on themselves. How ignorant do you have to be how gullible are you to believe people who have only lied to the people for 40 years? They got what they wanted each time they they will die but by golly they made sure no one got anything all these years. Phooey on fake compassion
Sorry, not sorry. This is not "misfortune", this is wilful and intentional stupidity and that puts them below the "fail" line.
so ignorant folks are stupid , despite the fact we are all products of our upbringing & the society we live in .My grandad was an illiterate coalminer but also a union member so he knew that the ruling class were his enemy & that their narrative about how he and his comrades were too stupid to be anything more than coalminers was bullshit.He also recognised that liberal reformers were a counter revolutionary force & their view that working folks who didn't buy into their hierarchical model were to be controlled and managed . Your reactionary view that "stupid" working class folks deserve to die because of their ignorant choices is one that is shared by the right - just think about that for a moment , in the context of the history of eugenics in the USA & elsewhere.Working class folks are fighting a battle on two fronts , against bosses , the state , cops & capital in general & so called Liberals who never miss a chance to sneer at those who take out your trash , farm your food & clean the building you live and work in .
sorry you are so full of yourself. I never believe for one minute that "working class" of which I am part of ! are too stupid to read and research for themselves. People today and in the past 40 years CHOSE to stay ignorant, to buy into the republican ideal of "if you do it to others I am all for it." If you want good things for your family and NOT those same good things for others then you are part of the problem. Very few places in the USA are so isolated they have no contact with the outside world. Depending on how old you are if you are still as ignorant as your granddad was then he is rolling in his grave. These people who have access to at least TV have lots of outlets for a variety of information. They chose to watch FOX then they chose ignorance and that WS ideal of do it to some one else yay!
Just an ordinary run of the mill troll. It’s what they do: defend ignorance & stupidity.--he's super proud of his own.
"These people who have access to at least TV have lots of outlets for a variety of information" are you fucking serious ? how the fuck is TV a substitute for education ?
AHEM.. @donsimon is NO TROLL. He's my friend. The points he's making are valid. I haven't said anything on this thread up till now because I didn't want to become part of the controversy.

Unfortunately, when people replying on my threads stop exchanging opinions and utilizing civil discourse, and devolve into personal attacks.. well, I don't care for that.

Everyone here who has replied on this thread is someone I consider a friend. If this posting pisses you off, you should know me well enough by now to realize that it bothers the HELL out of me to even have to come in here and state these things.

Move on, if you can't continue with civil discourse. I'll just delete this entire thread if the shit continues to deteriorate.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and consideration in this matter. Let's ALL try to be a little more empathetic/sympathetic toward fellow human beings, regardless of their actual or perceived faults.

I'm out...
Just an ordinary run of the mill troll. = anyone who disagrees with your point of view. I defend the ignorant , those who didn't have the opportunity to go to college .Perhaps you could give an example of my own stupidity and ignorance .
Oh, HELL! This isn't my thread. I can't delete it. Damn! My omnipotence has become impotence. Story of my life.

Well, you get my meaning, anyway... hopefully. 😀
Yep. The contrarian troll leaves his turds everywhere even when you've had h im on ignore ever since he showed up just for the purpose of being contrary without reasons to back up his position. The original poster is going to have to get out the pooper scooper to clean up here.
For the record i'm from a working class family & was an apprentice millwright .I'm a trades union member , grew up in public housing & was taught that class solidarity was essential to survival & that we should rise with our class not above it . I'm tired of folks who should know better talking down to poor , ignorant frightened folks who don't know any better because of where they were born , who don't have the time to to read or investigate anything ,cos they're pedaling like fuck to keep the lights on .
"just for the purpose of being contrary without reasons to back up his position" I've explained my position at length & all you've got in reply is to call me a troll
There is no indication in any reports that this anti-vaxx issue is related to socio-economic status or social class, so that is a red herring.

There is, however, lots of evidence that foreign governments, in particular Russia, China and Iran, have been using social media to fuel and encourage existing western anti-vaxx movements in the US, Europe and Canada. The whole aim is to cause maximum casualties and maximum economic damage, at very low cost. People here who support these aims and causes, by spreading these messages, whether they personally believe them or not, are intentionally engaging in an active disinformation campaign to cause harm.

The irony at this stage of the pandemic is that these campaigns are now wiping out their own foot soldiers on the ground, as they are the only ones left unvaccinated. Of course ultimately the aims will be achieved and damage will be done, the choice is up to people here as to whether they will throw their lot in with the other casualties.
"CSIS accuses Russia, China and Iran of spreading COVID-19 disinformation" not really lots of evidence."For fiscal year 2013, CSIS had an operating revenue of US$32.3 million. The sources were 32% corporate, 29% foundation, 19% government, 9% individuals, 5% endowment, and 6% other" so you quote a think tank as your source & talk about an orchestrated campaign to spread misinformation ?
The issue is do folks have the education to assess the opinions and information they receive ?
Any friend of the contrarian troll is no friend of mine. BLOCKED.
Um as that linked article explains in the first para, CSIS is the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. It is Canada's national intelligence service and the equivalent of the US CIA. It is 100% funded by the Canadian government, so I have no idea what you are talking about.
better block me then - I think Don Simon is generally fine.
'Way ahead of you–I did that months ago, and the same is true of Simon. The latest of that rotten gang is V.T.. The problem on here is that I have to look at your goddamn comments.
my mistake then "equivalent of the US CIA." so a completely unbiased source , not representing any vested interests ? the narrative in most developed countries has been that the "Economy" needs to come before our health & a number of different ideas have been encouraged to support this.
"There is no indication in any reports that this anti-vaxx issue is related to socio-economic status or social class, so that is a red herring"
For example, perceptions of vaccine risk differ among individuals of different ethnic backgrounds [19], and there is extant work demonstrating a positive correlation between socioeconomic status (SES) and vaccine hesitancy"
a quote from just one of the studies mentioned Here
Already did some months ago. Put you on ignore. Perhaps that will help you.
where else is the "working class " going to get more education? I assume they can read? maybe graduated from high school? BTW we all are working class here I don't see rich people here at all. Also working class does not mean stupid, willfully ignorant maybe but are the people so dead in their brains that they rather die than take a vaccine that is free? So be then shows they are that stupid and then I still have no sympathy for anyone who refused the vaccine then bitches when they get sick. it is then obvious they are too stupid to live.
The latest of that rotten gang is V.T…
Wow, @Clara Listensprechen! I guess we've seriously misjudged one another all along. 🙁
I'm curious, @Clara Listensprechen... what exactly in the post above that starts...
My point with this (and @donsimon's) was that there is a difference between willful stupidity through behavior and choices, and generic ignorance. you not agree with?

Or the post prior to that which says...
Let’s ALL try to be a little more empathetic/sympathetic toward fellow human beings, regardless of their actual or perceived faults.
... do you not believe this would be a good thing?
Anyway, I'm out... I'm tired of typing.

Everyone #Stay Safe and #Stay Healthy!
P.S. Sincere apologies for stirring all this up, @dianea. 🙁
thoughts and prayers
That was an uncalled for jab at me, @Nora Qudus. 🙁

Here's a thought just for you...

Another sinister and anti-humanist Randian for my block list...