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How to moderate a debate

As a former provincial debate tournament champion during college years, I was appalled by last night's 'debate' of national 'leaders' on tv. Here's how you moderate a debate when people are talking over one another and won't shut the fuck up. Turn all mics off except for the current speaker. Only one (directional) mic on at a time. No more rudeness and lack of civility.

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I couldn't watch it all, it was ridiculous.

Left me not wanting to vote for ANY of them.

Each debater is assigned an individual moderator (kinda-sorta like their own private Secret Service agent), discreetly standing by armed with a compressed air air-horn aimed directly at their heads. Speak out of turn, get a blast. Three blasts (or some other agreed upon number), they relinquish their candidacy (along with their hearing).

Anyone saying anything even remotely bad about another candidate should have been marched off stage into a small back room, alone, with only a chair and a glass of water (no TV, no smartphone, nothing), and made to wait until anyone left on stage finished the debate.

The word 'debate' is not even appropriate for these entertainment shows. They are about quips, one-liners and smart-ass answers, How long before the candidates come out in costumes and get awarded points for dancing or singing?

I still think the old $64,000 Question game's Isolation booths, one for each participant, is the way to moderate political debates.

I've long advocated for the automation of debate microphone volumes, so that nobody can claim bias. Sixty seconds and you're done, with a 10 second warning light so you can finish your sentence and wrap it up.

I don't comment much, any more, on politics ... but I still watch and seethe.

Same here, @Greg Batten. But you’ve got to admit the current impeachment process is about as entertaining as House of Cards and Homeland combined. I just want to see the fucker removed. And, if possible, horsewhipped.

I reckon before then he and his family will go for a ‘state’ visit to one of his dictator cronies, make them a gift of the plane and his insider knowledge and claim asylum. Check where his loot is parked, or who has benefited most from his decisions in office, for a clue.

Polls get better every day, @Greg Batten. Now, over half of Americans want him impeached and removed. Fuckin' Republicans will have to start sitting up straight in their chairs. Maybe even getting up on their hind quarters to do the right thing.