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Surely, that couldn't happen here...

In 1935 Sinclair Lewis wrote a bestseller: "It can't happen here" of how Fascism could come to America.

Behold what we have now. We live in perilous times.

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Where pride began

Wether you're gay, straight, bi or somewhere we don't have label for yet, you really should read about the Stonewall Riots.

Get out there and have fucking fun, but remember where you are now was paid for in blood.

Respect that history. The whole history.
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Secret pride

Gay Pride, Uganda, 2015, secretly held event due to state oppression/brutality, documented by photographer Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi #womensart

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Myth of the male bumbler

We've all met these.
Some of us have been these.
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Free oxidation

Opposing censorship of hate speech is like opposing the smothering of wildfires.

"Smothering is bad!" whinged the free oxidation activist.
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TW: genocide

To me, the point was that a word like colony has connotations that are painful to people, and will thus have the unintended effect of excluding many of those people.

Neutral terms develop connotations and eventually become non-neutral all the time. Toilet, for example. Or concentration camp. It's how language works.

If you advertised for volunteers to come live in your wonderful new concentration camp on Mars, would you be surprised if you got few takers?
Also, I wish to credit the wonderful @Lilith Dawn. I got this link from her post.

Oh wow, kung fu!

H/T who also provided this link to the original texts, which include translator notes! Having done translation for several years, I really like that touch :

Reclaim "Rational"

Neology (AFAIK):
"Irrational self-interest": a term for wanting things for oneself that do not scale across the population, let alone the global population.

This term clarifies the needs for a further neology: a term for losing one's shit when a scalable privilege is sought by out-groups.
Now we just need a name for that thing [some people] do when they pretend, and possibly even believe, that they are arguing from a rational point of view when it's obvious to anyone else that they are just upset.
I don't think we need a neologism. "Whinging" seems to cover it quite nicely, with the performer being classified as a whiny-assed titty-baby.

nilajones may have a point though, about some people operating from delusions of rationality.

New project: Reclaim "Rational"

OK, so most people who care about being "rational" are insufferable dudebros with the critical acumen of a wet baguette.
Consequently, "rational" is headed for a semantic graveyard labeled "Terms mainly used by toxic douches, now bereft of meaning".

But that would have connotational side effects that I would like to try to avoid.

Hence this project: #reclaimrational

Further elements of the project to follow.
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