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I fully recommend this book, which is currently free on :

Necromancers, lost magical arts, liches, what's not to love?

On the questions of "What is mathematics?" or "Is math a science?"

By "The only actually generative language" I mean that Chomsky's completely wrong about language, and his linguistics is pseudoscience wrapped in computer science.

Equality of opportunity is a lame duck

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Non-Feasible Tokens

How about we all start referring straight-facedly to NFTs as "Non-Feasible Tokens", and to anyone who butts in with a correction of the term we just say "No, pretty sure it's non-feasible".

Sword Interval, an apocalyptic webcomic with a heart

In case you missed it before it completed!
Beware, 240 long-scrolling episodes, and so, so good.

An analysis of the Bossa Nova song "The girl from Ipanema"

Summing it up:

1960s Brazilians: "Bossa Nova is a result of US influences cheapening the Samba"
1970s Berkeleeans: "Hold my beer"*

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