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Today’s card is the Seven of Swords, wishing you success in your nefarious schemes today
Seven of Swords from the Modern Witch Tarot: a Black woman in tight blue pants and a sun top steals away from a mansion with her hands full of swords
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My thoughts exactly! :_gayheart2:

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Content warning: Good Law Project, crowdfunding, LGB Alliance

Free book

I fully recommend this book, which is currently free on :

Necromancers, lost magical arts, liches, what's not to love?

On the questions of "What is mathematics?" or "Is math a science?"

By "The only actually generative language" I mean that Chomsky's completely wrong about language, and his linguistics is pseudoscience wrapped in computer science.

Equality of opportunity is a lame duck

German constitutional court (Bundesverfassungsgericht #BVerfG ) rules that #climate protection law in #Germany is partly against constitution, mainly because it only sets goals until 2030 and not further on. The Paris treaty goals of max. 2° warming, but 1.5° as better goal, are constitutional authoritative. A new improved law has to be made until end of 2022.

Court has no doubt that climate warming is anthropogen and caused by greenhouse gas, mainly carbondioxide and it sets citizens constitutional rights under risk. Climate protection law delays main measurements until after 2030 which is against constitution, because very strong measurements would be necessary thereafter which reduces constitutional rights. Climate warming threatens lots of constitutional rights of protection of health, live, freedom, property and lawmakers need to carry out their duties concerning this.

Decision and reasoning in german language:

# # #BVerfG

Non-Feasible Tokens

How about we all start referring straight-facedly to NFTs as "Non-Feasible Tokens", and to anyone who butts in with a correction of the term we just say "No, pretty sure it's non-feasible".

Sword Interval, an apocalyptic webcomic with a heart

In case you missed it before it completed!
Beware, 240 long-scrolling episodes, and so, so good.

Apparently, the science is in: Single-use "paper" breathing masks are often re-usable, just give them a good boil.
The thing is, they're completely non-degradable, which is terrible if they're thrown away, but the positive flip side is that they also usually don't degrade if boiled.

In terms of environmental impact, boiling and reusing those indestructible "paper" masks is way better than getting cloth masks.

Only using them once, is predictably terrible.


An analysis of the Bossa Nova song "The girl from Ipanema"

Summing it up:

1960s Brazilians: "Bossa Nova is a result of US influences cheapening the Samba"
1970s Berkeleeans: "Hold my beer"*

#bossa #bossanova #musictheory #jobim #jazz

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