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The more data we get, the more it seems vaccinated people aren't spreading the coronavirus… #SmartNews

2021-02-24 22:00:18
Just collected my first-brain trust comment of the day from a staunch believer in Alex Jones who didn’t like me talking about media bias. Apparently the fact that I despise literal fascists makes me, “one of those types.”

Homie really thought he did something here.


2021-02-24 17:47:48
Not to brag but I panic everywhere, not just at the disco

2021-02-24 18:15:59
NEW/BREAKING: Former aide to @NYGovCuomo details sexual harassment claims, including an unwanted kiss in his NYC office. w/ @luisferre.…

Awaiting comment from Gov's office....

2021-02-25 05:25:13
Fox News "lies": Lincoln Project video takes aim at Tucker Carlson's disputed Capitol riot claims…

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2021-02-24 12:34:14
Don’t ever let a recipe tell you how much cheese to add, everyone knows cheese is measured with the heart.

this whole story is a monument to the fact that the heroes at @Facebook will eventually do the right thing several years after their products enable an ethnic cleansing

2021-02-25 05:16:11
Mike Pence says he's still friends with Donald Trump despite angry mob that tried to kill him

2021-02-23 17:31:41
Taxing unemployment is the most ridiculous, backwards shit ever.

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Lawyers have found parents of 105 separated migrant kids in past month… via @NBCNews For all the lefties saying nothing is being done. Here you go

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Thanks watched the whole video again it has been a while since I've seen it last.

That's how far they/we have come:

2021-02-24 00:11:03
Trump calling into cable news to give his take on Tiger's car crash is the exact level of responsibility and power the man should have.

2021-02-23 16:10:29
Folks who have gender reveal parties make me worry that they would be the kind of parents who would strictly police their children's conformity to narrowly defined gender roles.

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Non-Trumpian conservatives who leave the GOP are finding themselves politically 'homeless'… #SmartNews…
It's good there are republicans putting forth a compromise plan instead of sitting on their hands and Manchin is right that WV minimum wage should be about $11 but cost of living means NYC should be $25. COL by county! No one should object to that!

The Supreme Court is about to hear two cases that could destroy what remains of the Voting Rights Act… #SmartNews elections have consequences!… Probably long overdue. Im sure they'd be happy to suggest a cool cherokee word to rename it but their people aren't a comodity to buy or sell
"Our vehicle names have been carefully chosen and nurtured over the years to honor and celebrate Native American people for their nobility, prowess, and pride,"

Honor and celebrate them how? Do you give a portion of your profits to the tribe whose name you use? Did you ask them to use it beforehand. You can't honor someone while actively excluding them.

#studentloanforgiveness #studentloans #studentdebt If Biden doesn't feel he can legally forgive $50k in student loans can he at least forgive interest and put the amount you've paid to your debt? I took out $30k in 2003 on top of my GI bill. /1


Plurality of Trump Voters Would Leave GOP if Trump Made His Own Party: Poll

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2021-02-21 00:08:12
When the media did take Trump's statements literally & seriously (e.g. content analysis of his COVID briefings) it looked awful for Trump because his rhetoric was genuinely awful. But it also looked bad for media b/c there was no both sides to it.…


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In honor of the first #linux system on another planet (but not the first Linux system in space) 😀
2021-02-21 00:38:49
I'm still laughing 🤣😂 #Linux


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To fight ‘cancel culture,’ California state senator would make political affiliation a protected class – East Bay Times

Guess her affiliation? Hint: it doesn't start with a D.

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2021-02-20 23:18:51
Failing party playbook:

1. Change the rules to improve their chances
2. Prevent those they disagree with from participating in the democratic process
3. Instill fear in their supporters if the ‘other’ side wins
4. No ideas, only power

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2021-02-21 19:47:55
The latest Facebook story from @CraigSilverman and me details a history of how political concerns influence important platform decisions. While employees are warning about it now the 2020 election is over, there have been plenty of signs in the past.


#Texas grocery stores are empty. Does this mean that #capitalism doesn't work?

Imagine how it would have been if they were under #sanctions for the past 2 decades.

Supreme Court clears way for New York prosecutors to access Trump's tax returns… #SmartNews

Biden is changing PPP rules. For 2 weeks, only businesses with fewer than 20 employees can claim pandemic relief loans.… #SmartNews

QAnon congresswoman Lauren Boebert ridiculed for not understanding how the US constitution actually works… #SmartNews

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GOP & Fox Blame AOC’s Green New Deal for the Texas Power Crisis | The Da... via @YouTube Blaming AOC for their own terrible obvious failures.

Wealthy Americans have gotten so rich they pay one-sixth the rate of taxes as their 1953 counterparts, study says… #SmartNews

Feds now say right-wing extremists responsible for majority of deadly terrorist attacks last year… #SmartNews

2021-02-19 03:59:41
Years of deregulation and the failure of leaders to care about the needs of their constituents made Texas a failed state not because gov't doesn't work for the people but because republicans refuse to govern for the people. The same is true for almost every republican led state.