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Just learned has the ability to turn off infinite scroll, that's going to be invaluable to stopping me for the never ending mindless binge trying to read everything and forcing me to stop and wait for the next page to load, questioning if I should stop and it gives me a sense of completion I used to get with facebook, # # #

Tent residents presented 3 demands to the city 1) Provide housing or hotel rooms at least through winter 2) Open a Safe Outdoor Space immediately 3) Leave residents alone at whatever reasonable spot they move to, no sweeps or police. # didn't respond to the demands. Pt. 2

The .2 trillion package is still nearly a trillion dollars over what Trump said he'd be willing to sign.

New custom:

If you tell me "Trump is defending the Constitution," I'm going to ask "specifically which part?"

Before you say the second, remember Obama was more pro gun in action than Trump.

Oh wait, there’s more ....

The absolute richest person in the world, much much richer than the people you know, who I hung out with all the time and who gave me money just ‘cause they thought I was cool, they loved me so much, told me Trump looked like a dang tangerine cheeto mango !!


NEW: Trump yesterday repeatedly accused Hunter Biden of receiving millions from the wife of the late Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov, who is described in Ron Johnson’s recent report as corrupt. But Trump himself sought millions in deals w/Luzhkov’s government.

There was no "economic populist agenda” once Trump was elected, wrote the former RNC spokesman.

NEW: Teenagers are twice as likely to become infected with the coronavirus, according to new CDC data released today. (PLUS meta-analysis in JAMA last week)

A brief thread on why this matters. 1/x

A system that allows Millionaires and Billionaires to pay less in taxes then Middle Class Citizens isn’t broken, it’s carefully designed.

The New York Times revealed that Donald Trump paid only 0 in federal income taxes the year he became president, which is less than most people spent on booze to deal with the fact he became president.

Hillary was right about the Russians, she was right about Donald not being a billionaire, she was right about the criminally low tax payments and all that would be revealed by his returns. But you guys didn't like her pantsuits, right? Her haircut? The tone of her voice?

2020-09-28 15:06:33
I edit a lot of writing and social media stuff and the number one piece of feedback I have for people is to stop assuming the audience knows what youre talking about

2020-06-12 02:25:59
We're gonna have to retire the expression "avoid it like the plague" because it turns out humans do not do that

Join @DrawTheLinesPA to meet citizen mappers getting ready for 2021.
Whatever happens with bills & votes, the more we know about # & # the more powerful we are in the fight against #.
Wednesday, Sept. 30, 5:30 pm

Once home to as many as 20,000 Wichita people and covering an area of 5 miles, Etzanoa is considered the second biggest Native American city ever discovered in North America, aside from the Mississippian city of Cahokia...

What you need to know about # #

I thought maybe Trump hid his taxes because he was just a lousy businessman and didn’t want everyone to know he wasn't as rich as he claimed to be. For our country’s sake, I wish that were the whole story – because Trump’s financial debt & entanglements put our country at risk.

Gonna create a room over in 'Clubhouse' called "We Nappin" and it just grown folks sleep & snoring.

The problem isn’t just Donald Trump deducting ,000 in haircuts from his taxes. It’s also the system that let him do it.…

2020-09-28 21:11:27
Now that Donald has nominated a far right extremist to replace RBG, it's more important than ever that we # at every level this year.

Use @VoteChoice's Voter Guide to find your pro-choice candidates and #:

RT to pass it on

2020-09-28 15:17:54
I think it’s pretty progressive that America made their poorest person president.

Some activists are renewing the push to lower the voting age to 16.

Tyler Okeke argues doing so earlier—when students are learning civics and history, rather than when they're dealing with big life decisions at 18—would make "lifelong, habitual voters."

2020-09-28 21:02:06
The nonreligious community is now millions strong, among the largest groups in the American electorate for this crucial election. After months of planning we can finally announce @humanists4biden, which I chair. Check out our video:…

One of the things we love about this movement, this campaign, is it unites people of high # from all backgrounds and all perspectives. Together, we stand against the hatred, bigotry, and division the current President promotes every day. #

Biden's plan to end the Covid-19 pandemic, in 3 steps:

1. Fix America's test-trace-isolate problem

2. Provide more economic relief, which reduces the pressure to reopen

3. Distribute a vaccine

The tax-avoidance strategies that President Donald Trump capitalized on to shrink his tax bill to essentially zero are surprisingly common among major real estate developers and other uber-wealthy Americans.

Trump's tax cuts were a disaster. Naturally, Republicans want even more.

There's a crazy anti-mask insane man on the Maine Senate debate stage with Susan Collins and @SaraGideon, and he's cutting up masks onstage, and he has no other ideas.


look closely you racist mfers

why would she be so thirsty for 5k votes when she won by 35k lol


In Phoenix, incumbent prosecutor Allister Adel is squaring off this fall against Julie Gunnigle, who is running on a pledge to lower Maricopa County’s incarceration rate by 25%, perhaps transforming the legal system in a county home to 4.5 million people.

Conservatism is the new punk rock. 😄🤣🤣🤣😂