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Can public school employees use their position of authority to impose religious rituals on other people’s children? New Op-Ed on @RDispatches by FFRF Director of Strategic Response @AndrewLSeidel:…

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is set to:
📈create jobs
🚰deliver clean drinking water
⬆️upgrade our roads🛣️, airports✈️, and rail 🚝
🌎accelerate us toward a clean energy future

If you’re thinking of writing a murder mystery in your spare time, here are some ideas.

#humor #mysteries

"... vaccine components may not be causing many of the seemingly pervasive side effects associated with COVID-19 vaccine jabs..."

“Nocebo” Effect May Cause Majority of COVID-19 Vaccine Symptoms…

Jason Stanley Warns: "America Is Now in Fascism’s Legal Phase" | Amanpou... via @YouTube

The commercial aviation industry has changed a great deal since it first became an integral part of the way we travel. This is what the Interior of an airliner looked like in 1926 [read more:]


Cases in NYC down 60% in two weeks. This wave is looking nasty, brutish — but short 1/

Lets hope it stays that way and Deltacron does not replace it.

#Buddhism #taoism #zen #science #skepticism
Just reminding you that I wrote a book on Skepticism, science and eastern Philosophy full of pretty pictures.…


Joe Manchin keeping his mouth shut not tweeting some bullshit yesterday about MLK Day is the most sensible thing he’s done in a while tbh

MLK would’ve sided with people like Colin Kaepernick, not Candace Owens.

@AsheRevenge As someone pointed out a while ago, you can almost feel sorry for the fact that somewhere in the midst of their performative outrage, they 'KNOW' that Covid is real & are so terrified of catching it that they'll literally consume poison! But then you remember how many they kill.


“A Republic, if you can keep it” — Attributed to Benjamin Franklin, born today 1706:


I’ll say it again, everything about this woman is counterfeit. Everything.


Bye bye

Trump associate George Nader pleaded guilty to felony conspiracy to defraud the US government: report…

How you feel about Colin Kaepernick today is how you would have felt about Martin Luther King Jr. in the 60s.

@kyrstensinema “I think the tragedy is that we have a Congress with a Senate that has a minority of misguided senators who will use the filibuster to keep the majority of people from even voting.” —Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., 1963

These Finnish statues have been vaccinated!
Suomalainen patsaat

⬆️ Alaska is leading the way. True pioneers! 🇺🇸#ForwardParty is helping to steer all of #America in a better direction... #Forward.

it’s MSNBC’s fault that Putin is crushing free press

the Kremlin smiles

Biden places $4 trln bet on outsmarting the rich… The bet likely failed sadly

!Friendica Support As I'm shifting away from isurf, I'm really wishing there was a download option for all my saved folders. I have to go through and see which ones I want to copy by hand and which ones aren't worth the effort.

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As the "my gun is my penis" assholes have taken the #punisher symbol, acting like everything the comic was warning against, I feel the #guncontrol movement needs to use the #Batman symbol as his entire ethos was anti-gun & all his evil alts use them

!Friendica Support In looking for a new home, I've noticed every server I looked at has had a drastic spike in latency. Is that due to an upgrade? Also, if I live stateside will I have significantly more lag if I join a European server?

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According to fediverse observer . I assume it means times to transfer information if I read it right.
It should be the response time for the nodeinfo query. Have we added any processing to this page lately?
I don't see any CPU / RAM peaks in my logs.
But I know @Steffen K9 🐰 is monitoring his domain more in detail and as far as I can see here , he has the same spike in latency . Do you have any hints in your log ?
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As the "my gun is my penis" assholes have taken the #punisher symbol, acting like everything the comic was warning against, I feel the #guncontrol movement needs to use the #Batman symbol as his entire ethos was anti-gun & evil all his evil alts use them

The Top Ten Ways North Korea and the United States are Similar via @YouTube My latest video. It sucks so hard to have to make this.

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I feel like we should probably keep teaching history to our kids.