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BREAKING: Pennsylvania certified its election results Tuesday for President-elect Biden, solidifying Biden’s victory and dealing yet another blow to President Trump’s efforts to block the results.
The king is dead, long live the king!
Well done! There's nothing to do then, is there? What do you say? That President Trump's Campaign is going to lawsuit the Certification and the whole ellection, because of all those issues that you know and Democrtas have overriden to certify the fraud?

It'll be nice to recieve an answer from yours, just for a change.

2020-11-24 11:35:16
The party of "Back the blue" & "If he followed orders, he'd still be alive" is now the party of "Infect the blue" & "Don't follow orders"

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This is new for her
Laura Ingraham Tells Viewers It's Over: 'I Would Be Lying to You' If I Offered 'False Reality' About Trump's Chances via @Mediaite

With Biden’s Democrats in danger of failing to win the Senate and a new era of gridlock on the way in Washington, all eyes are on the Fed to pump up the economy in the face of congressional intransigence

2020-11-16 14:40:52

Imagine being infuriated that a tv show aimed at children has been made more interesting by having more than just skinny, scantily clad white women in it

Republicans want their terrible people to smile more.
Republican women, widely dismissed in the Trump era, crushed Democrats in key House races…

2020-11-24 03:03:12
He’s saying 79 million American voters are not “honest.”

400 years after the "first Thanksgiving," the tribe who fed the Pilgrims continues to fight for their land amid another epidemic

Not a fan either
Progressives rail against Biden considering Rahm Emanuel for a cabinet position: "Covering up a murder Is disqualifying"…

2020-11-23 23:03:37
NEW: GSA has informed president-elect Joe Biden the administration is ready to begin the formal transition process, according to a letter from administrator Emily Murphy sent Monday afternoon and obtained by CNN.
There's no President elect, at least, not until the constitutional procedures end naming one.

All you look like a child with hands on closed eyes repeating «I'm not here!»

I just saw a survey that asked "Where do you stand regarding current events?" and I immediately thought, "I am definitely opposed to them."

A new report reveals how Senator Loeffler played a key role in marketing an offshore tax scam for Wall Street during the Great Recession. This Cayman Islands scheme was “one of the most notorious locations for offshore tax shelters.”
a Republican hero

Oxford University produced a vaccine that's cheap, easy to produce & stored in 2°C-8°C environments with similar effectiveness as Pfizer & Moderna. This means developing nations don't need to compete with wealthy ones & less people will die.

Thank you @UniofOxford!


2020-11-21 18:55:05
People who argue that dramatic changes to policing, including budgetary ones, will mean “violent people will be let out of jail to roam free” rarely ever acknowledge that’s actually the current system we have today for the privileged

Yeah, 1980-1988

While I'm sure he is a brilliant and competent guy, I'm afraid that when the news refers to secretary of state Blinken, my brain will immediately assume its this guy. # #

2020-11-23 12:44:33
According to the Utah Department Health, the state's ICU beds are 91% full

I mean, Marx would've probably been against spreading disease as well, but so are most sane people
In 2020, not potentially killing family members by spreading COVID at Thanksgiving is...

*checks notes*

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2020-11-23 03:35:18
Speaking of hypocrisy, this "pro-life" activist had a whole Christian movie made about her.

She doesn't care if the virus spreads, either.

2020-11-23 03:43:05
The pastor literally said "I’m leading a large rally" against COVID restrictions...


COVID is fucking hell on our front line workers, wear a mask! Stay the FUCK HOME!
2020-11-22 20:23:28
How it started How it's going

Michigan militia planned 'weeklong series of televised executions' as part of kidnapping plot, prosecutors say… via @YahooNews
If you want to speak about Michigan, please explain the fraud. Then, I'll pay full attention. Thanks.

Pat Quinn, co-founder of ALS ice bucket challenge, which raised 0 million for research, dies at 37

It amuses me @realDonaldTrump will be a trivia question for generations to come: Name the “president” elected to office despite never winning a popular vote, was impeached, and was the first president to leave office with fewer jobs in his administration than when he went in.

2020-11-23 03:18:53
Is Ted Cruz...offering me a turkey?

If you are doing it as an excuse. maybe there are more family problems than just COVID

A bunch of libertarians on twitter are talking about the moral hazard of the government paying off student loans.
Choosing to not prosecute criminal behavior is a far more concrete example of moral hazard.

2020-11-22 18:50:28
I've said it before, but this country needs to send more elites to prison, not give them book deals. The total lack of accountability is one reason we're in this bad place.

# #'ts #
For us on the left, its like coming down from a 4 year panic attack and now are trying to self-care to be ready for the next battle. For the right its like coming down from 4 year meth binge and they now refuse to believe they are out of meth and will probably be shifting to more violent methods to maintain their high.

Full-page anti-Kennedy ad in Dallas Morning News that confronted the President this morning 1963: “Why have you ordered or permitted your brother Bobby, the Attorney General, to go soft on Communists, fellow travelers, and ultra-leftists...?”


2020-11-22 15:27:38
.@GovChristie is part of the conspiracy, too!!! How did Hugo Chavez get to him?