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Hey Southerners. I find it very interesting that you view racists, slaveowners, traitors and lynchers as your heritage and not about hate when you have some great Southern heroes. Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner, and ever member of the underground railroad. They are all heroes of southern heritage. No your heritage is ONLY white, gotchas. You are racists.


Leviticus 21:17-23 ESV / 17
“Speak to Aaron, saying, None of your offspring throughout their generations who has a blemish may approach to offer the bread of his God. For no one who has a blemish shall draw near, a man blind or lame, or one who has a mutilated face or a limb too long, or a man who has an injured foot or an injured hand, or a hunchback or a dwarf or a man with a defect in his sight or an itching disease or scabs or crushed testicles. No man of the offspring of Aaron the priest who has a blemish shall come near to offer the Lord's food offerings; since he has a blemish, he shall not come near to offer the bread of his God. ...

Gee God, for being all loving and all knowing, you'd think he'd have seen this coming as a sign to be ablist as all hell. Remember kids, if your body isn't 100% perfect, God thinks your are ugly and disgusting.

God: Midgets suck
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Source: Redskins to officially change nickname… They will be changing it to the Washington Darkies... sorry, considering how long they resisted I wouldn't have been surprised at all.


[bookmark=]# is the implied notion that Jews aren't a real minority and don't experience any hatred.

Unfortunately the statistics paint a different picture.

~50% of all hate crimes in NYC this year were anti-Jewish.

Sadly, anti-semitism is still very much alive and well.




[bookmark=]I’m scared to find out why # is trending[/bookmark]


If we are going to treat presidential pardons as a political game, then Biden needs to pardoning every single non-violent drug offender and every single felon who served their time to restore their right to vote. Whats good for the GOP should be also good enough for the Dems right Trumpers?


Sudan allows alcohol for non-Muslims, decriminalizes apostasy This is huge





Random GOP fuckery.


# # # # # #


The problem with the title of that article is that it doesn't give enough context. The highest risk they're talking about (if you read that section of the CDC document) is relative risks. Tele-classrooms are lowest, partial openings are higher risk, and full openings are highest. It doesn't get into a discussion of absolute risk, but not providing that context makes it seem more general of a statement than the document is actually making.

I might be a bit sensitive about the news media's tendency to be inaccurate about science related stuff, but this is important. You need to report this stuff carefully so that it actually communicates information based on the source material.


[bookmark=]Here's the secret of "university indoctrination."

Professors aren't doing it.

Your little darlings are finally meeting a diverse group of people and realizing that the stereotypes you've been feeding them are closed-minded garbage.[/bookmark]


Just had my third peertube instance collapse on me. Maybe it will be different when peertube 3.0 comes out later this year but at this rate the only way I feel peertube will be able to work is through some form of monetary fee…


[bookmark=]I wish democrats were as radical as republicans say they are[/bookmark]


This election is not about if you believe Biden raped a woman once in 1993. This election is about if you believe the current criminal president should keep opening and repeatedly raping every facet of American democracy, truth, justice, science, rule of law and freedom we claim to hold dear for the next 4 years.


Trump Just Removed the IG Investigating Elaine Chao. Chao’s Husband, Mitch McConnell, Already Vetted the Replacement. - via @commondreams Heavy Corruption already reported here, now its coverup. This isn't going to be just an election, it will be jury duty


Remember, with all the blatant open crimes and corruption from the GOP, Your vote is not only your voice, its also jury duty.
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Because of course he viewed 3M people as an asset


How To Pretend Systemic Racism Doesn't Exist - SOME MORE NEWS via @YouTube Didn't realize just how racist Sam Harris is


[bookmark=]The fact the left AND right has to boycott BUYING shit as political protest tells me democracy at BEST is on life support.[/bookmark]


Donald Trump commutes Roger Stone's prison sentence Criminal uses job he got through crimes to free other criminal who helped first criminal get job through crimes.


WaPo: "Democracy dies in darkness. No we're not showing you this article. Pay up or we'll tell everyone you killed it. MURDERER!" - Thomas Smith (facebook)


Remember. The same people who aren't wearing masks are the same people who believe climate change is a hoax and BLM is a terrorist organization.
"The great thing about science is that its real whether you believe it or not" Neil Degrasse-Tyson. He forgot the second part "And the terrifying thing about science is that it wired so many of us not to believe it because its counter intuitive to how our brains evolved to work."
I think mostly we don't believe it because we don't understand what it even is -- very poor education
Science is not a belief system, a religion, or even Truth -- it is a method for discovery of what things are and how they work in our Universe


Not proven but almost certainly happened. Because rape is pretty much never investigated especially when rich men do it. Your chances of getting justice but reporting your rape to the police is statistically about the same as if you……