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The right decries Lenin as bloody and a monster because it's estimated in his 5 years in power they killed roughly 28k people a year by some estimates. What they ignore completely is that this is not done in a vacuum and the 17 years prior, Czar Nicholas II killed around 52k a year in his 17-year reign including pogroms against Jews encouraged by the crown. While the Russian civil war killed some 7-12M people, it did help end WWI which killed around 9-15M. Just some context folks. War is hell and by today's standard in vacuum Lenin was a horrible man, but by compared with what came before him, he was a down right nice guy, and was hoping to get tot point where they could abolish the death penalty. STALIN on the other hand was a monster who only beat in terms of mass murder by Nicholas' grandfather who massacred Jews and Tartars by the millions. His legacy is what killed the USSR in the long term. It never became what Lenin had hoped though they did reach a certain level of prosperity which many old Russians remember fondly under Brezhnev.

‘It’s the new anti-vaccine talking point’: Conservatives are saying they ‘identify as vaccinated’ following CDC’s new mask guidance… #SmartNews

Scoop: Lincoln Project offshoot aims to boost civics education #SmartNews

Joe Rogan Says ‘Straight White Men’ Won’t Be Allowed To Talk If Society Gives In To ‘Woke’ People’s Demands… #SmartNews

via @YouTube This series is Amazing & heartbreaking. The trans-atlantic slave trade was not usally glossed over, but not nearly as horrifically detailed as it actually was. Only the Nazi death camps could begin to compare the evil hopelessness of it all

Restaurant and retail owners have 2 options nowadays: stop treating their workers like garbage or stop having workers at all

The media has helped spread this narrative, too. Articles from NPR, Fox News, and others have portrayed business owners as hard on their luck victims of circumstance who just can't catch a break. Workers - if they're included in the stories at all - are presented as shiftless, careless louts who aren't thinking of what's best for the company's bottom line.

2021-05-15 23:09:56
For a Member of Congress, things may not be going well for you if your name appears in a headline that ends "Snorted Cocaine With Escort Who Had ‘No Show’ Gov’t Job."

2021-05-16 05:14:28
Boomer News Network:

After spending billions upon billions of dollars teaching kids the dangers of drinking they actually drink less than older generations and this is a major problem!

2021-05-15 21:04:47
And now you all understand why Asians continued to wear masks out in public long after the SARS epidemic was over.

What if I told you... that not wearing a mask actually made you a sheep who followed the herd? You confused being a contrarian with being a free thinker.
Don’t think this worked out too well.


Israel PM Netanyahu vows to continue Gaza attacks for ‘as long as necessary’

COVID-19 survivors, even those who weren’t very sick, have a 50% greater risk of death… #SmartNews

The Mississippi Supreme Court just used a technicality to completely throw out voter-approved amendments #SmartNews

Israel strike in Gaza destroys building with AP, other media #SmartNews

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2021-05-14 20:12:00
*Pandemic profits grew 70% to $2.8 billion
*Doubled buybacks and dividends to $1.9 billion
*Closed stores and laid off 250 workers where cities required $4/hour hazard pay
*Cut median worker pay 8%, to $24,000
*Gave CEO 6% raise, to $22.4 million

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Kroger sucks

A Republican House member just described January 6 as a 'normal tourist visit' - CNNPolitics

"Watching the TV footage of those who entered the Capitol and walked through Statuary Hall showed people in an orderly fashion staying between the stanchions and ropes taking videos and pictures," Clyde said. "You know, if you didn't know the TV footage was a video from January the 6th, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit."


“When it comes to Palestine, fear of speaking out about one of the greatest injustices in modern history has hobbled, blinkered, muzzled many who know the truth and are in a position to serve it.” -Edward Said

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2021-05-14 12:25:40
Wake up, Florida

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Ron DeSantis’ latest pick for the commission that regulates Florida utilities has a familiar last name.<br><br>Gabriella Passidomo, 29, was selected Monday to serve on the powerful five-person Public Service Commission during a high-stakes year for consumers. Her mother is Sen. Kathleen Passidomo, R-Naples.<br><br>The connection is noteworthy because the elder Passidomo is in line to serve as the next president of the Florida Senate. Her job in 2022 will be to win as many Republican Senate seats as possible — a process that will likely involve collecting donations from the utility companies her daughter will regulate.

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President Joe Biden’s budget for military assistance to Israel is higher than his global climate change response. #priorities

@Anubis2814 lol - I dozed off in the chapter of the bible on begats - is all that in there?!
Sort of revelation probably misinterpreted because it was written coded about current events, not future predictions like the evangelicals believe. If you read the bible skip over numbers, earliest and worst book, and leviticus and deuteronomy are dull AF too.

I am a good futurist! I already have these in the scifi book I'm currently writing!

Hank is correct, @Azure Cerulean --what I have is the 1980s video disc, not the laser disc. Still have a working player, too.
I might as well add that I also have Star Trek The Movie in this format…and I stand corrected that my Star Wars copy is RCA. It’s Fox, and I have a pic of it posted on Pinterest:

I sure hope this person takes climate change seriously. Could you imagine how embarrassing and hypocritical it would be if this person did not?

Can you imagine if this person actually knew what a hypothesis is?

2021-05-14 21:21:42
Making a Jurassic Park movie about a guy who went the day before the dinosaurs broke out and is trying to be sensitive about it but also really wants to show you his pictures.

Proud Boys leader received Covid-19 stimulus loans worth $15,500 #SmartNews

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Reporter who saw Marjorie Taylor Greene chase AOC through Congress said she was definitely screaming, which Greene denied #SmartNews… #SmartNews Im sure he will take full credit for mask easing as opposed to, you know, actual scientists who saw the death rate reach s finally safe level. Had they killed the mask mandate sooner more people would have died and hospitals overcrowded

'Real Time With Bill Maher' Hit With Cancellation After Host Tests Positive for COVID-19 #SmartNews If he wasn't such an arrogant anti vaxxer id be a bit more sympathetic.

Liz Cheney says she regrets voting for Trump in 2020 #SmartNews I can't believe leopards works eat MY face! - lady who voted for the leopards eating people's faces party

Joe Manchin's folly: Republicans don't want bipartisanship — they want power #SmartNews

Pentagon Surveilling Americans Without a Warrant, Senator Reveals via @VICE

Corruption in America: How the US became the center of global kleptocracy - Vox

Spoiler: Obama?!

I think sometimes about how (not) far my youth was from WWII... how a Gulf War equivalent of MAS*H wouldn't happen today, considered "too soon"... but this math stopped me in my tracks.

Those Who Fail to Learn from History... - Steady

I [Dan Rather] was born 70 years after the start of the [Civil] war. It is the equivalent of 1951 from today, history to be sure but not exactly ancient.