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“I shot the Syrian Refugee Crisis, I shot Paris Protests, I shot Bangladesh, I shot Hong Kong, and it was @PortlandPolice who beat the shit out of me” - 73 year old photographer John Rudoff as quoted by @GregoryMcKelvey
2020-09-27 07:00:49
Aggressive arrests, baton jabbing and knocking a photographer to the ground.

White Americans have a ton of National pride but view so many of their fellow citizens as not real Americans. Blacks folks, as Roy Wood Jr described, have VERY little national pride and instead have regional pride, areas they can have a good time with the least amount of harassment. Germany has the same mindset. I'm not really proud to be an American, But I'm proud to be a Philadelphian. Worked really hard to end up here and it treats us very well as opposed to the other places we've lived. I have no reason or wish to leave. It has flaws but we want to work to reduce them. A much more healthy model than the blind nationalism forced on us from kindergarten. # #
And yes I do daily pray to Franklin the father, Rocky the son and Gritty the holy spirit, may cheese steak be upon you, and also Wooder ice upon you. # #
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QAnon idiots are now reporting that there are tunnels under London which hold 300,000 children that the NWO pedos keep locked up.
Also in Victoria, Australia, 1 MILLION children are being held in secret tunnels and the hybrid kiddies are being sent to the Moon and Mars.
Yet we're the idiots for dismissing these claims out of hand... - Angus MacDonald

Do your own research:
What it means: In your free time study what the experts in the field have to say to better understand the topic so you can have a rational discussion about it to share information. It will also expand your options. Also study the basics and don't make any assumptions beyond your area of competence.
What Trumpers think it means: Google it and find people with no, false or unequal competence in a field discuss how its all a huge conspiracy, and the dems are vaccinating you with 5G to microchip you so they can take orphans who now have autism to mars as sex slaves.

"Why are we so polarized?" say the people who have for two decades listened to a TV channel that people confuse as pro-right wing but is actually anti-left wing at all costs to the point of lying demonizing and scape goating selling fear to get views and ad money. At a certain point the people being demonized can't deal with the abuse and lies anymore and they have to fight back to push the insanity back to sanity. When a segment of the nation treats the other side as blood sucking human garbage boogeymen, it really makes it super hard to hold a civil conversation with them

Unless all the polling is utterly wrong, Trump will only win by the very narrowest of margins meaning he cheated to win by spreading lies and breaking the post office and attacking the election. Unless he wins by a clear blowout, he will have literally only won by cheating mathematically. Democracy didn't happen if he wins. We will fight not because he won, but because he openly and blatantly cheated.

Large cities had a week of looting and fires created mostly by organized crime and Nazis while cops wear tied down teargassing peaceful protesters and are now under control and the right goes THE CITIES ARE BURNING BECAUSE OF LEFTISTS!!! Meanwhile the 2nd, 3rd and 4th fires in California history are currently being fought which were caused directly by the conservatives.
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I believe there is a jewish plot to bring fascism to America and destroy democracy, but its just made up of one jew Zuckerberg, and he could end much of this at any time by making his data streams public so people could know what everyone else is seeing, but there is too much money involved. Zuck is the only jew secretly pulling the strings, the rest other than Miller and Kushner have nothing to do with it.

Sounds awfully familiar when dealing with good people that have been deceived by bad ideology... whether it is empirical evidence against anti-vax / climate change deniers / my god's better than your god etc etc... because they don't want their lil bubble of delusion burst.. no-one likes been shown up or challenged on anything that threatens their own comfort or biased worldview that perpetuates their faulty sense of entitlement or authority to dismiss 'experts' because their facebook echo-chamber news feed said so... I'm tolerant of other people's right to hold whatever beliefs - not but tolerate of other people's wilful arrogance or ignorance that has detrimental outcomes to the rest of us.... Guess the idea of 'bring back the good old days' is just a repeat of history that we didn't get right last century... hence current state of global affairs... #

They expect every single citizen with no power to ALL be more self-disciplined and non-violent that those given ALL the power in the name of protecting us before they can be take seriously. The number of "bad apples" in the protests are a microscopic fraction compared to the percentage of bad cops, who's salary we pay.

Just a reminder that EVERYTHING happening in Hong Kong right now is because Trump started his stupid trade war with China, and we lost all leverage with them. Before they didn't dare do anything serious to Hong Kong because they might lose their trade deals. Trump took them away in one fell swoop so we had zero leverage over stopping them. Adam Smith, Father of capitalism called it 3 centuries ago that the more interwoven nation's trade economies were, the least likely they were to go to war. We have seen what happens when global trade breaks down.

Just a reminder that the department of transportation head has insane amount of stock in a road construction company and the post master general has massive amounts of stock in UPS and fedex, while The President has most of his building stock in Russia, and vice versa.

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follow the money

We on the left FEAR another Trump win because we KNOW Trump will do to us exactly what Trumpers believed Obama would do to them, and they will cheer for him as he does it.

Its actually a huge deal having the first black woman as a VP pick but with so much insanity this year and so much on the line, and so much chance of election meddling in this election, it doesn't feel real so it doesn't feel that important. We had the first female president snatched from us via death by 1000 cuts, And with the utter catastrophes of Brexit and Trump, I don't expect anything to go right this next election. So yeah, in any sane world this would be a huge deal and a step forward for equality. This is not a sane world and could end up not amounting to a hill of beans if somehow Trump figures out how to rig things.

With Herman Cain dead its lucky Trump still has Ben Carson, Kanye and Damon sex lady to be his backup black friends to show he isn't racist