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WTF ??

What manner of sorcery is this??
Setting up new laptop, installing all the latest updates (windows 10), reboot....and then....this...


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Bonne Fête Nationale

To all Quebecers and French-speaking Canadians everywhere: Happy Saint Jean Baptiste Day / Bonne Fête Nationale du #Quebec 💙

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Very nice cat :)



Match of the day: CANADA vs Sweden

⚽⚽Will Canada make it through to the round of eight? We'll see!! ⚽⚽

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Effortless Perfection

There are many versions of K.D. singing this... I happen to think this is the best one. The way the piano player caresses those keys, the emotion in K.D.'s voice, the phrasing, the dynamics, the delivery-- it's all there, and it's absolute #poetry.


So awhile back, I read a very sobering article in the New Yorker about #euthanasia in #Belgium, until I came upon this exchange between the author and the interview she was conducting with a doctor-- which struck me as hilarious in a Woody Allen-esque, sort-of-way:

Author: I mentioned that it appeared that a lot of people in Belgium were less afraid of death than I was.
Dr: Vermeersch looked at me as if he were recalculating my age downward.
“How can you be afraid of nothing?” he said. “Nothing can do you no harm.”
Author: “I’m afraid of not existing.”
Dr: Vermeersch: “Millions and billions of years you did not exist—what was the problem?”
Author: “But now I’ve formed relationships,” I said.
Dr: Vermeersch:“After death, your relationships are finished,” he said brightly. “You are in the state you were before conception.”


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"the "blessed" state in which you were before conception."

The NewYorker is a part of the death-cult #MSM

" I’ve always felt there’s something inherently psychopathic about joining the army in peace time, as far as I’m concerned people join the army to find out what its like to kill someone. I hardly think that’s an inclination that should be encouraged in modern society, do you? "
-Actor Brendon Gleeson as Father James, in Calvary

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Looks like nothing has changed in the constant warmongering. Same old policies look to be maintained regardless who is the president. Peace prize winner Obama killed several 100's of thousands. The irony:(

@KornKob: I remember when Obama won the nobel peace prize. As much as I admire the man, I thought it was undeserved-- as Obama had yet to prove himself.

Yes it's true drone warfare expanded under Obama's tenure, but eventually he realized how devastating these drone attacks were on civilian lives, and put in place a series of checks and balances for greater accountability and transparency -- which the orange Duce promptly rescinded and removed.

The U.S. now have a morally depraved lunatic in the white house with zero knowledge of foreign policy; picking a fight with Iran when there was no cause (tearing up the Iran Nuclear Deal), and itching to start another war that will have global repercussions. Who knows what voices he's listening to in that daft head of his...

I know when he talks, some people get their feelings hurt. Sorry. I have a different interpretation of morals,,,You need to back up with some real evidence. I don't like any of them, but so far he is an angel compared to Obama who was an incredible war monger. Obama increased troops in Afghanistan, destroyed Libya, and obliterated Syria. What am I missing. Ohh yes, the Benghazi affair with Hilary at the helm giving weapons to ISIS. Or maybe "The project that became known as Fast and Furious began in November 2009" Could you imagine what other countries would be blown to shit if he was still around.....


Why Can't We Live Together

This song was a big hit during the disco era. Still relevant today...

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# #music #Peace #War

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great <3<3<3 thank you for sharing... i only knew the Sade cover :)


This Is Brilliant

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Bien sûr, mais les frais de port sont énormes.
Et je n'ai pas l'habitude de payer pour des produits culturels (10€ me font une semaine de nourriture).
Mais c'est bon. Je l'ai trouvé.

Si d'autres le cherchent, on le trouve (entre autres)


Wish You Were Here

video: ©appaloosa, 2017
Bucerías, Bahía de Banderas
Nayarit, #Mexico
#travel #México #playa

YouTube: Wish You Were Here (appaloosy)

México Lindo y Querido
si muero lejos de ti
que digan que estoy dormido
y que me traigan aquí


Marvel The Ordinary

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That is so beautiful and would be wonderful if all parents raised there children with these good values of life.

I would love to read this book


Adios México ♥ - I Shall Return

I know just how he feels...♥
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photo: ©appaloosa, 2016
Mural at Puerto Vallarta airport. I'm not sure who the artist is (no, it's not the gentleman in the photo)


Lazy Afternoon

Milo has found himself a sunny spot
photo: ©appaloosa
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Hello, beautiful siamese !