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Sourdough experiments

I've been experimenting with my sourdough process and I've made another set of tweaks. As mentioned in the link, I started using a pot with a lid for the rise and baking. For a couple of months now, that's been the protocol and the results have been mostly good. The main drawback was that fairly often the top crust would mushroom up and split.

This week, I left the lid on and set the temperature higher, about 190C, which isn't all that hot really. The crust stayed in place, but the cooking process itself was slow. After about 45 minutes, I took the lid off and gave it another 15 minutes. The result was pretty satisfactory.

Remember, this is about 1/4 porridge oats, and I'm still getting a decent rise. I probably should try raising the temperature even more - 200 or 220. If the lid is on the pot, it shouldn't burn. I hope.
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Made another loaf at 200C. No real difference in outcome that I could see. I can try 220C next, or perhaps 200C with no lid.


Random Cheesy Musings

A month or two ago, inspired by my pDaughter Bruce, my friend Mercedes, and my newest pandiscipula, Milada, I got back into cheesemaking. For the vigil of Pól O Briain a couple of weeks back, I made five cheeses - well, variations of cheese. This picture is not of them, although it might have been ...

My general cheese-making technique has been documented elsewhere - - so I won't repeat the basics. The challenge I've run into over here is finding the right milk. None of my local shops carry unhomogenized. We can get it at the big markets in Ely, so I have a semi-regular supply, but sometimes I just make it with homogenized milk. The cheeses I made for Pól were: homogenized, unhomogenized, homogenized in brine (feta style), unhomogenized with a salt rind, and hom... Show more...
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Sometimes it's the little things ...

Sometimes it's the little things ...

The city of Cambridge gave us a nice holiday gift yesterday. A foot/cycle path between Chaucer Road and Coe Fen had been closed for a couple of weeks for repair and improvement. It's on my usual commuting path, so I've been forced to go a bit out of my way and ride on less picturesque routes. It was supposed to be done by the first of the year, but they finished early!


Isn't it lovely? It's paved now, and wasn't before, and crucially, it has a drain! So, this morning, after rain last night, it wasn't a mudpit. A lovely holiday gift from the council ...


Unusual if not Cruel

This made the news all the way over here - a Missouri poacher, who may have illegally killed 'several hundred' deer for the trophy heads and left the bodies to rot, has been handed a sentence which includes watching Bambi once per month.

It's odd - the punishment is fitting and kind of funny, but the crime itself is so senseless and apalling. I ping-pong between being amused and horrified.
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Maybe a little "Singing in the Rain"?


New arrival ...

Today we brought Jessie home from Cats' Protection.Image/Photo

She's in her 'refuge room' at the moment, and we'll be introducing her to Sweeney and vice-versa over the next couple of weeks. She's a tiny little thing, although full grown, and when we made the mistake of leaving the bag of litter in her room, it became a cat toy - though she be little she is fierce.

Look man, I am just here for the catss.

We're just trying to improve your cat viewing experience, @Dervishspin ...


Dwarf Fortress Monastery

Fired up a new #dwarffortress and decided to run it along the lines of a monastery, as I have done in the past from time to time. It will be mostly above ground, there are no metals to be had, most construction will be of wood, and so on. I nicknamed the dwarves 'Brother,' 'Sister,' 'Novice,' etc and gave some of them monastic nickname titles - eg Cellarer. The first meeting space was a temple. In the second group of emigrants, a Monk showed up ... Apparently Pilgrims are thing now, too ...
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