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Books on political topics - pt3

I just wrapped reading "Russian Roulette" by Michael Isikoff and David Corn. A good (maybe a little too detailed) explanation of Clinton emai server, DNC hack and a couple of other Russian hacks. Nice explantion of how all of this impacted the election. Since I am fairly interested in computer security, there were only a couple of pieces of information that were new to me. The book was fairly well organized which helped to put everything in perspective. The FBI did not work against Clinton, just bad timing. Very good read for any techy who is interested in politics. Still a good read for any body else interested inpolitics.
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Books on political topics - pt2

I read Hillary Clinton's book "What Really Happened". No big surprises. A lot of finger pointing. I was rather disapointed because there was no explantion of why she chose not to campaign in middle Americn. Still, I recommend that you read this book. People of both parties need to understand what is going on the minds of candidates. (If anything.)
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Books on political topics

I read Scott Adam's book "Win Bigley". Nice explantion for why Trump does all of the name calling and keeps saying "Build the Wall". All about slogans, branding and persuasion. Recommend for people of either party.
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virtual boxes

virtual box guest debian failed after upgrade. other os's working ok.
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Not all other os's working.
Looks like no linux guests work righ under 4.18.12-100.fc27. Must ungrade all the way to fc28. Same kernal (I think. ) The fc28 level is 4.18.12-200.fc28. And it works. Crap way to spend weekend.

Patch tuesday patches done

Microsoft patches all done. About 1/3 failed on first try. All worked good on next try. Next up - the Linux boxes. I have Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu and Opensuse. Need to check kernel levels and make sure all boxes are up to current levels.
Microsoft sysadmin

Patch tuesday

2018-10-09 patch tuesday. 4 patches. Not the biggest ever, but not the smallest. Reboot is required to implement. Taking about 25 min per box.
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