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Tabletop QOTD 2020-08-27

RAW almost never cover enough edge cases. Sometimes it is enough to go with the apparent intent, and other times a re-write is needed. But then Rules As Remembered can drift from RAW ... so what actually gets played can vary from the RAW. When we spot this divergence, sometimes we correct the RAR and sometimes we go with it.
I tend to play RAW as much as possible. If i use a house-rule, I introduce it to the players before using it, and make sure everyone is on board.
The exception is when a situation is not covered by the rules, in that case I usually re-read the rules to make sure I'm not missing something, and if the rules really don't cover the edge case, we try to come up with a solution together that's both fun and holds true to the game

Tabletop QOTD 2020-08-25

I was thinking they would do both, there would be in person panels and digital ones, in person demos and digital ones.

It seems like having a tabletopia version of your game is the new norm. As a reviewer, most of what I get offered to review now are tabletopia versions of games (which I turn down)
It would be nice if they could do both, but you're right about the increase in headcount for things other than panels. I know that there are problems even now trying to find reliable people to work cons.

Tabletop QOTD 2020-08-06

It's impossible to be sure how often I've played specific games, but let me try to count my most often olayed games.

For RPGs:
WFRP, GURPS, EarthDawn, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Traveller, D&D, I all played dozens of times. We're only at 7, so I'm pretty sure I played Het Oog Des Meesters and Call Of Cthulhu more than that. Quite possibly also Just Gug (a highschool homebrew), CORPS, Dream Park and Dogs in the Vineyard, but I doubt I actually played those 14 times, so it's somewhere between 9 and 14.

Board/card games is probably going to be more, because there's so many and they're easier to play:
Chess, Go, Catan, Dominion, Kraken, Magic the Gathering, Kwartet (go fish), Pesten, Talisman, Mein Erste Obsgarten, Halma, Mens Erger Je Niet, Backgammon, Carcassonne, Hearts, Agricola, Thurn & Taxis, Bloodbowl, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Rifugio. I'm just reasonably confident I played all of those at least 20 times. I'm probably forgetting a couple. If Terraforming Mars hasn't been played 21 times yet, it soon will.
Boardgame-X is small here, mostly because we don't get to play often and I'm trying to work through my Shelf of Shame. Even when we were meeting more or less weekly, I would generally try to get one game we've played many times (i.e. comfortable), one that's brand new to us, and one that's been played a few times.

This resulted in a small number of games we played a lot, and a many games with a small number (if only because we haven't gotten back around to them).

Tabletop QOTD 2020-07-31

I regularly take a run at the A-Z Blog Challenge (succeeding more often than not), and I do try to get something done for NaGaDeMon (National Game Design Month)... haven't succeeded yet.

This kind of writing challenge doesn't do much for me, though.
If I remember to fit two in today I will have caught up.

Note I'm only doing it on social media. This kind of thing makes it hard to create actual useful evergreen content for a blog, plus so many people talking about the same thing at once is actually really bad for SEO.

Tabletop QOTD 2020-07-28

And the only one I actually paid for is the Altered Carbon session. I wanted to get a feel for the gameplay, and at $2 it was an easy choice.
I've never been to real GenCon. But the online GenCon didn't wow me. I guess I miss the experience of actually BEING at a con -- seeing the cosplay folks, browsing the endless stuff I'll never buy in the vendor room, etc.

Plus, there weren't enough games, causing a lot of competition for slots, so I ended up only getting to play 1 game.

Tabletop QOTD 2020-07-24

Thanks for the link! I'll check it out!

Tabletop QOTD 2020-07-20

I don't usually go deep, but there have been a few that were awfully spendy. I've dodged most of the crazy ones, though.
I think the most I ever spent for a single book was $49 (I've got like 5 or 6 books on the shelves that cost that much).

But my annual budget has been about $100 a year for the past 10 years for gaming books including PDFs.

Tabletop QOTD 2020-07-10

@Joseph Teller - exactly. I never upload anything to a cloud provider that does not have a copy locally. I'm not sure of anyone that really uses it in that way- other than for google documents, which is the reason that I try not to use google documents.
Yeah, the account I lost was 99.95% used for Google+. I'm guessing I posted something that pissed someone off somewhere? Maybe? Anyway, it didn't hold anything I needed, except G+ which I wasn't backing up very often.

Not a large scale loss, but it made me far more diligent about exporting / backing up my things -- Google Docs for example -- stored in other Gmail accounts.

Tabletop QOTD 2020-07-07

I don't own many boardgames and they all fit into the (i think it's called) cabinet under my TV in the living room.

As for RPGs, the ones I often take out and bring to conventions I have stored in a small briefcase together with pencils and erasers, dice and cards. The others I have in a bag in a closet. I used to keep them on my bookshelf, but last year we reorganized it and put away a lot of stuff to make room for books and comics.

Tabletop QOTD 2020-06-23

For board games, new players should get re-dos and advice along the way even though it makes her kick your butts. Memories of bringing in a player to Munchkins.

As for role playing, I can't remember a new player in an existing campaign so having different level players wasn't a problem. Differing experience was always handled efficiently by the GMs I've played with. I have run a few campaigns, but always with experienced players.
With board games, often when we have a new player we'll play at least a little while 'open hand', with each person describing what they're doing and why. We might play the entire game that way, or just a round or two and then restart... it depends.

When teaching a new game, it's really not about winning or losing for anyone. I've found most people reasonably expect to lose the first few times they play a game, but they get really frustrated when they can't understand what's going on.

For instance, when teaching my wife how to play Call to Adventure this evening, we each showed the cards we were choosing from, I explained why I chose the (origin, motivation, destiny) I did and what strategies I'd be following because of it.

Tabletop QOTD 2020-06-17

A GM didn't think it through when he told a group of us to design one item that we want. Instant tower, fully furnished and equipped. It got used as a HUGE bag of holding.
At the Windsor Gaming Society which was being overrun by collectible card game players. The only game I brought was Vampire the Masquerade but that session got cancelled due to the crew coming in from Essex having car problems.

We weren't interested in playing cards so I made up an RPG on the spot.

It was called Pirates of THE Spanish Highlands and was one of the most ridiculous and over the top games I had ever run. It was 100% improvised.

For some reason, Barnacles were the currency in the game, and when you got XP a Sea Captain with 2 peg legs and 2 peg arms would roll into the scene cartwhealing on all his peg appendages and his head. Tink, tink, tink, ouch!, tink, tink, tink, tink, ouch, tink, ARR Ye get 10 XP, tink, tink, tink ouch, tink, tink, tink....

That was one of the most fun RPG sessions I've ever had in my life and the players all agreed. From that point onward I improvised a lot more in all of my games and went from spending like 20 hours a week prepping to maybe 2 hours.

Tabletop QOTD 2020-06-09

Tabletop QOTD 2020-06-02

Board games were mostly scheduled, because they need physical presence (simulators really don't do it for us).

RPGs have mostly been scheduled so people can plan to be there or not. I've been in a few pick up games and would like to be in more... but I've been on an RPG hiatus because of COVID.

Not because of personal infection. I work in the social sector, and while I'm not front line (I work in a data warehouse, almost as far from that as you can get) I provide data to people trying to get a grasp on what's happening and provide financial assistance as best we can.. I don't have the energy to game right now.
Normally yes and no. Right now, heck no, I game when I can.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturday of every month I ran board game events at local venues. In addition, I had a home game night on Mondays where we were supposed to play RPGs but never got a full group so played board games. I also played and live-streamed Gloomhaven every Friday.

In addition to this would be random pick up games that would happen randomly throughout the week. Sometimes with my kids or the whole family or I would get together with other local games.

Now I play a lot of BGA throughout the day and once a month sit down with one of our Patreon patrons to pay a game online somehow, other than that my wife and I have been getting together about every other weekend to play two-player games and now and then I game with the kids but they are actually busier with school now than they were when in school.

Tabletop QOTD 2020-05-28

I'm a hoarder. I don't give things away unless I'm really absolutely 100% sure I'm never even going to think about it.
I do occasionally loan something out, though. Like GURPS Russia, which I loaned to a friend, and I have no idea who it was, and nobody seems to have it. Or maybe my brother had it? I should ask him.
Nothing I can think of. I still have most of my gaming collection and what I gave away/sold/traded I really didn't need anymore.

Tabletop QOTD 2020-05-23