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Historians will uncover that the same behavior GOP was accusing Obama and HRC is exactly what GOP is living now.

It looks like you reshared your comment (which is nice to be able to do since we can't do that in G+. To reshare a top post you have to hit the share on the top post itself.

I had no idea what I was doing, time to read documentation.

Sometimes the best way to learn is to experiment like you are doing! :)

Ok, I went to my contacts page, left clicked on 4 different people's names (not right clicked the picture) and their profiles open ok. I did the same in the global directory with the same success. I am using Google Chrome with minimal extensions active. I have to wonder if one of your extensions running is causing an issue or are you right clicking like we do on other platforms to open pictures?

@Adam Clark different issue above that looks like you may be able to address.

Thought that was more polite than slapping.