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Lego pelicans


I now have a gift for my next Pelican vigil. And one for myself. They come with lego fish.




All hail our avian overlords

Give honor to Gander the First, and his feathered queen, Goosehilda.
The downside to the new job is these big bastards wandering around between building. They just don't give a shit about humans. They know that they don't taste nice and that the cops will fine you if you run one of them over. They just stand there, while you walk by, and hiss at you. As if they are saying, "Just keep on stepping, pinky." Today, I had to yell at one, who was blocking the path, "Hey! I'm an apex predator and you are 30 pounds of nasty meat and fat."


Another Ice Dragon in the grave.


New Job

How much walking have I been doing at the new job? So much walking that I broke a shoe, today.

Still less stress than the old job.


New job

Yesterday, I started onboarding at the new job site. Now I just have to wait until the Powers That Be hire my replacement so that I can move on to a less stressful job.


New safety sign

The new safety sign, down the hall from my current office, looks like Doc Ock.
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Medieval hoods

This is one of the best videos I've seen explaining how to turn a hood and mantel into a hat. I just wear them as a hood, I've never tried to convert mine into fancy-schmancy hats.



A new scroll


New Indian restaurant

I drove past a new Indian restaurant, today. I'm going to have to try it.


This made me laugh


Something weird


Burnt wine

This is one of my favorite channels. The recipe is out of period but I'm sure that I can find one that is similar within the SCA time period. This is really a cooked, spiced wine.


Getting old

You know you are getting old when the hardest part when changing the oil on your car is when you have to bend over and pour the old oil from the pan into the empty container.



This site shouldn't be so difficult. Is there a button that I am missing to easily add a picture to a post?
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