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Full Name:
Casandra Clayton

I guess this is where I'm suppose to let everyone know who I am. Where do I start, well I'm married and have 3 wonderful kids that I would do anything for. I love to ice skate and inline skate!! Also like to ski, when there is enough snow :( . Also like to watch hockey, rather it be at an NHL game or a ECHL game.

I also tend to want to present myself as female. I guess a label that everyone would understand is that I'm one of your run of the mill gender challenged individuals.

Believe it or not, I am physically male, but mentally I don't think or act like one of the guys.

I've felt this way since I was about 7 or 8, and as I get older the inner feelings seem to keep getting stronger. In some way I have always felt like I was a lesbian, so if your a guy and want more than just being friends, Guys I'm not interested....

I'm only interested in shoes, boots, fancy dresses, stockings, SHOPPING, you know, girly things. Macy's, White House Black Market and Long Tall Sally make a mint off of me - lol...

I found out in 2001 that I wasn't alone, via the internet. I let my wife know about how I felt in Oct of 2003, after 14 years of marriage. Since then, she is slowly being more tolerant - in that she is seeing me dressed up in the morning before she runs off to work. The funny thing is, I have more feminine clothing, shoes, etc. than my wife has. In many respects, she is more masculine than I am.

As far as what I do for money to go shopping, I am a software developer by trade. I work with mostly UNIX boxes, you know the computer Jurassic Park was run by. And no, they don't get viruses like Windows does.

trans, transgender, lgbtq