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I have Opinions

So on the Facebooks, an SCA acquaintance made the comment "Don't they have any self-respect??" with regards to younger women in mini-skirts.

I pondered and stewed for a little while and then made the following brain dump:

Okay so ...I'm going to ramble a bit, which is why I'm putting this here instead of into a comment on the original post that inspired it. I have... Opinions... and out of respect I don't want to do a brain dump there. I'm going to try and keep this as tactful as I can though.

When the question is asked of a person who is not dressed to your personal tastes (ex: miniskirts, showing skin) 'don't they have any self-respect', it suggests that person should place your perception of them higher in value to their actual self-worth, self-respect and self-confidence.

No one should be held responsible for another person's actions, reactions or opinions. "Don't you have any self respect" is a short step from "Boys can't concentrate when your shoulders are bare/you wear those leggings." (Reminder: a girl's right to an education is not tied to h... show more

Political moment... scroll on if you're only here for cats or the outfit of the day.




I am very liberal, I believe in a woman's right to choose, the right of consent and refusal and bodily autonomy.

So that said... I believe Biden is a creeper, whether he realizes or admits it to himself.

And with THAT said... if you are calling out and condemning Biden for being a creepy touchy-feely person and you gave the current President a pass for a veritable laundry list of appalling behavior and attitudes toward women... you're exhibiting strong hypocritical tendencies, and I hope you can re-examine your standpoint from a much more informed place now.

ETA: The 'oh he's from another time' argument underlines the need for the conversation about consent. It has to be said because 'in another time' it wasn't, and people had no recourse but to be groped, molested, assaulted and/or raped.... OR risk jobs, community standing, reputation or their life. Anyone still lingering 'from another time' who's even contemplating taking the highest seat i... show more

Momma's mighty tiger caught a mouse and was playing with it on the landing. Poor traumatized little thing. I got it and tossed it outside before he ate it. Much praise and treats have been administered. 🤣

Whether you use spoon theory, spell slot or whatever.. it's consistently exhausting to only have two spoons to do all the things, day in and day out.

Two spell slots and you have to continuously juggle which tasks you can accomplish. Especially when you're shoving 2 jobs into one space.

Work and... cook food. Work and... take a shower. Work and... empty the trash/catbox. Work and... deal with bills. Work and... try not to break down in public over exhaustion/grief/stress/anxiety/depression/pain. The pain is just a persistent fog over spellcasting/film on the spoons. Regular daily activities like getting to and from work, going to the bathroom, getting ready for bed have to fit into the second space.

It doesn't really work well, but it is what it is.

Got a solid 2 miles of walking in today. Now my legs are in full blown restless mode. REALLY annoying.

Ohh, ok. I don't want to be a pest but a couple suggestions for you if I may. You need to detoxify and use some high quality essential oils to start your healing.

@KornKob N... no. No that's not valid medical science, which is already treating my issues. But thanks.

Lol. Ok,,I don't know what you mean by that statement but it sounds like your into pharmaceuticals ,,Good luck with what treatment

Let me clarify.... I'm into valid medical research and treatment. Essential oils, supplements and whatever that clay link is are neither of these things, and propagating them as treatments for chronic medical and neurophysiological conditions is both dismissive and dangerous.

Have a nice day.

Tail end of a migraine. Everything hurts. Anxiety, guilt, crushing sadness. I miss my purry old man. Feel like I'm doing everything wrong.

Today was... really hard.

It's not loneliness, is it?

No it's sadness and grief.

Give your furry, feathery, scaly or otherwise-butts extra love for me tonight.

The furry butt here came in looking for attention and it looked like he got caught in the rain. A quick towling off that he loved but refused to admit, and some warmed up food, and he was back to ignoring me as is his duty in life.


“My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today.” – Richard Adams

My heart is broken, I have said goodbye to my sweet old Stripeybutt tonight. He almost definitely had a stroke, and while his vitals were stable.. his brain was not functioning properly. His eyes couldn't focus on anything, his body was not working right. The decision was so hard to make, but I know he was telling me it was time.

I got to say goodbye with his furry body in my arms, his head in my hand, petting those sweet little stripes on his nose and by his eyes.

He was sweet and sassy, goofy, playful. He was the best ambassador, the best big and little brother. He was a curmudgeon, a kitten at heart. He was bold, once getting out in Shere in England for at least an hour, forcing Lynette and I to look all over town for him (until he turned up calm as can be in the backyard). He befriended everyone, he inspired anyone who met him to love him. Including strangers, people on the street in a foreign land would spy him through my window. One woman knocked on the door and asked to pet him, which I allowed. She then asked to hold him, which I did NOT. He was Gus' little brot... show more
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I went downstairs for a minute, came back up and the old man was out in the hall. His back end is still pretty tender, but he's up and about. I picked him up and he immediately crawled onto my back. Once I got back into my room, he jumped down onto the bed and skittered back out the door. Silly old goofball. His eyes are clear though, and he's eaten and had water plus a little more sub-q hydration. Tough old man.

Thank you

13 Things Fibromyalgia Is Not | The Mighty

To help bust some common misconceptions about #fibromyalgia and explain what the condition is really like, we asked our Mighty community to tell us what fibromyalgia is not. Check out how they finished the statement below, and let us know what you believe fibromyalgia is not in the comments.

#fibro #Spoonie #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain

My sister received a diagnosis of fibromyalgia last year

I am currently festooned in stripey kitties. Don't send help, this is how I want to go.

Just finished The Umbrella Academy and damn that was good. All of the mains were incredible, Ellen Page as Vanya continues to impress me. Klaus is a precious cinnamon bun who must be protected at all costs.

I currently have all 3 boy cats in my room, and they're all behaving themselves!


Well, here I am.

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Welcome!! <3