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(Virtual) Day #2 - 30 Days of FreeBSD

I had FreeBSD running on an older laptop once. It's definitely a different world.

For the chronicles I found this one:

And I bought it (Ryzen 3)

I'll let you if it is going to work fine with something like #Ubuntu...

Midori Android Browser

Hi Folks,

I am browsing #Friendica on my #android phone through #Midori browser and so far the experience has been pretty good.

The browser is snappy and pages are loaded quickly!


#freesoftware #opensource #midoribrowser

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You need to add his repo:
It is also available on AuroraDroid
Thank you guys, I'll check this out!

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I'm pretty pleased with how well my blog/static site statistics generation tool works. No JavaScript or user tracking. No extra software to install or services to run. Here's my real world experience with it and what direction I may take it.

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Great job, I'll look into it!!! 👏👏👏
@Hans Wolters I mean I do have people's IP addresses, or apparent IP addresses anyway, because that's logged by Nginx. I was trying to do it without that but then filtering out bots became much more difficult. But yeah by "tracking" I mean browser fingerprinting, pulling down information about the user's OS to try to figure out unique characteristics etc. It's just the basic access information already logged by the static web server.

Any news about #HyperbolaBSD?

One year ago (more or less) the Hyperbola project announce to rebase their distro over a blend of BSD implementation. A ambitious project but totally worth, however after that announce haven't followed any other updates so far...

Does any of you know if they are still working and moving forward on this project?

This project is extremely interesting and a has great potential to be a real thing and a breaking paradigm!

Some links for who missed the entire history...

#freesoftware #linux #bsd #openbsd #freebsd #opensource
The big ones that are popular have been eating all the other solutions since the 1970s. Like it or not, few users want to use something practically no one else is using. And few developers will join up with a project that practically no one is using.

At least we're fortunate to have at least two strong contenders - Linux and BSD - that have a long enough history that they likely aren't going away any time soon.

What's more alarming to me is what has happened in web browsers. Web browsers had gotten way too complex for hobbyists to develop and maintain. So one by one, they either switched to being based on WebKit/Chromium or just quietly went away.

Now? The browser wars are over, and it was a rout. There's practically only two browsers left - WebKit/Chromium and Firefox.
That is another good point, in regarding of this I am actively dedicating time studying Gemini and working with some Italian folks for the Italian translation.

Mega-complex whatever is the typical attitude/footprint of corporations' behavior, that is why I am always cautious to invoke their support, since you can't control them and those doesn't deal with you the trade-off is always risky and totally in the hands of the stronger part.

(Virtual) Day #1

30 Days of FreeBSD

I'd like to start my 30 days challenge with FreeBSD, I resumed and repaired my (previous) old laptop to see if I can do everything I do normally with Linux (Devuan, Debian and Ubuntu) with FreeBSD, especially with my main workstation (Devuan).

I have been pretty tired about Linux since a while and I look forward to get rid off all the toxicity that every days poisoning the free software culture.

Looks like the BSD realm is cleaner, more resilient and more unix mindset oriented.

I look forward to a positive outcome and make the use of computer funny again!!!


#freebsd #opensource #freesoftware #linux


What happened this last week just revealed the toxicity inside the #Linux community has never left... The novelty is that now obeys and is unleashed by the new owners...

#gnu #rms #supportRMS #freesoftware #opensource

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there are a lot of toxic people. each forum show that and linux communities are the same. maybe more toxic than average.

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Supporting #RMS

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The strategy to sink the free software movement

What has happened with all this surrealistic situation about #RMS and the #FSF just helped to make me clear my personal desire to take a huge distance from #Linux, the #opensource and any emanation, direct or indirect, of the #freesoftware with or without #RMS.

I don’t believe in the good faith of these people and organizations:

The objective is only one, wiping out for ever the culture and values of the free-software with any means available.
This is a proven a well known strategy: attacking the morality of a person for later delegitimizing its thought with a simple syllogism.

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X2GO Server setup

Hi guys,

Is any of you aware about a step-by-step guide to setup a #X2GO server?

I sicerely hoped that was something easy like Teamviewer but it isn't. Searching on the web I always find the same (cloned) instructions, but it looks like many things are kind of given...

Maybe I have to open some port on the router, maybe I have to setup also SSH, I am not sure...

However I would just need about SSH.

Thanks in advance,


#linux #Admin #sysadmin #ssh #opensouce #freesoftware #rdp #remotedesktop #debian

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That is a big hurdle. Things might be 100% fine on your end. If the other side has port 22 closed on their modem/router/whatever, you're not going anywhere. That's the only hard prerequisite I found. Or there's a proxy in the way, which requires an exported port setting.
If you don't use SSH your connection is clear it can be dangerous, from the manual it looks like you must have an SSH already established if you want use X2GO through that... 🤔

Keyboard vs Mouse

In the modern and eternal struggle between #keyboard versus #mouse, I have just decreed that mouse people kind are more curious of keyboard people kind because mice promote and facilitate a wandering use of #computers...


#linux #behavior #funny #computer #desktop #DesktopEnvironment #LinuxDesktop

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Git Help...

Hi folks,

there is a project that I'd like to contribute that uses #GIT to upload the translations, I thought that I would able to understand the process but I was wrong.

I did some translations in the clone folder but I have not idea how to move forward, I found the same GIT (poorly written) tutorial spread in hundreds of pages with the same content; It is pretty frustrating.

Does anyone of you know a practical and nice tutorial for beginner considering that I am not a coder and I don't have any coding background?


#linux #opensource #freesoftware #debian
@Adam Clarkmost of the world runs Windows. Billions of billions of flies eat shit. That's the poorest argument possible. My advice is simply to learn first generic git knowledge, because it will work well with Git, Gitlab, Github, Gogs and whatever else you may think of. Similarly, when learning Linux I try not to teach / learn only Ubuntu or Debian or Fedora or Arch specific knowledge first.
@Adam so far I found this one the best resource available:

2.5 Admins

I have to admit that 2.5 admins is very funny and extremely interesting, but never boring. The parts that I like the most is when Jim and Allan compare BSD and Linux, the former is always a professional tool while the latter is unavoidably a toy; Windows? Just a god punishment... 😆

You can find out more information here:

#podcast #bsd #sysadmin #linux #fun #learning #25admins #2 5admins
Thanks m8, seems interesting
I like it, they really know in depth the topic, are impressive!

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Traduzione terminini informatici

Ciao a tutti,

sto cercando un'indicazione, sto traducendo della documentazione di un progetto #opensource dall'inglese all'Italiano, ma molti termini informatici non hanno quasi più un corrispettivo in Italiano. Sono incerto se tradurre quelli che tuttavia hanno una traduzione e lasciare gli altri in Inglese, ma se c'è qualcuno che ha studiato recentemente informatica e ha una idea di come sono redatti i testi liceali o universitari mi farebbe molto comodo.

Trovo tanti spunti filosofici, tipo questo:

Ma non trovo niente di più pragmatico. Intanto vi ringrazio anticipatamente!

#italian #italiano #tradurre #translating #translate #informatica #informatic #web #freesoftware #documentation #documentazione #InformationTechnology

There is an institution called "Accademia della Crusca" that takes care about the Italian preservation and modernization, I haven't thought about it but I definitely look into it, thanks.

L'ho visto, sicuramente è d'aiuto, grazie anche a te!

p.s. di certo in Italia la terminologia è stata pesantemente influenzata da M$... 🤔

LBRY, No please...

I have just downloaded the #LBRY #FDroid app and removed after 5 minutes...

I have never looked into LBRY seriously I thought was something like YT but it seemed to me heavily focus on "content creator"...

Starting with the assumption the "content creator" doesn't mean anything, the point I don't want watch your faces, your settings, your backgrounds! You looks like #BORG!

But I'd like read what you have say about your topics of interests it is easier for you and requires lesser effort; but; it looks like #ContentCreator / #contentcreation it is taken as job not as passion...
The browser add-on called Cloud Firewall blocked the site for me. It says it's using Cloudflare cloud. It's a good add-on for checking services on google cloud, apple cloud, amazon cloud, etc.

Awesome novelties from Thunar 4.17

This morning I read this awesome novelty from the #Xfce newsletter:
Release notes for 4.17.0
I am pleased to provide you this thunar development release, adding
plenty of new features.
Split view, file creation time, uca submenus, unified sort menu .. just
to mention some eye-catchers.

OMG! Are we going to have a double panel finally? 🤯

#linux #opensource #LinuxDesktop #freesoftware

Playing with Shotcut

Playing around with #Shotcut on #Devuan Testing and W10 and latest version available for both did nice improvements...

Editing a mounting multi footage video is fast and smooth although some areas are still roughs: like adding and editing text; so far I am just doing those slides in #Inkscape, but the overall experience is quite good!

My references for my comparison are: #Openshot, Natron, #Premier and #AfterEffecs; I use the latter two for social media and advertising stuff at my jobs.

#opensource #videoediting #linux #debian #floss #freesofftware
@Adam it looks like this post is blocked for some reason... 🤷‍♂️
Blocked or just slow? Looks like social.isurf is running way behind at the moment, and I've just started asking questions and adjusting the backend worker.
It was on hold for more than a week with the symbol of the hourglass below the name... 🤷‍♂️