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Tokyo 2020

Hi Guys,

during the Opening Ceremony of #Tokyo2020 Olympic Games I clearly recognized the orchestral soundtrack of the #Sonic first stage! Crazy! 😁

#Sega #retrogames #retrogame #16bit #videogames #Megadrive

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Any P2P Instant Message Still Available?

It happens that for not clarified reason my phone is broken, for now it works randomly and I haven't bought a replacement yet, waiting for some 4th July offers; anyway since I had to reset everything, hence,It doesn't have anything installed yet, and besides text message I really think I need an alternative solution to Whatsapp that I can use in emergency situation like this one, and perhaps as stable replacement for the aforementioned platform.

So my question is: are still out there any active, secure, privacy focus, free and opensource P2P instant messaging software for both Desktop and Mobile?


#linux #android #mobile #LinuxDesktop #freesofftware #privacy #privacyFocus #p2p #EndToEndEncryption #opensource

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tox is somehow often forgotten but it's good
matrix is making an overlay

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Watch out with Bromite

Hi Folks,

I am pretty sure that #Bromite f### up my mobile, after putting it as default browser my crap Revvl2 began to restart constantly, I had to back up and copy everything on my Linux machine and reset the device since just removing Bromite didn't fix the corruption.

I would not say that Bromite is bad but you may risk to have my same issue so be careful.

That's it... ☹️

#android #linux #opensource
i have had similar experience.
the browser doesn't just crash.. it freezes everything and the system becomes unresponsive.
it's not even due to a lack of resources.

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Guix package missin

Hi #guix users,

I have a small issue, there is this package on the website:

But I cannot find in the repo, I pulled several time guix but nothing. 🤷‍♂️

I am currently using guix over #debian:

Description:	Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)

Package: guix
Version: 1.2.0-4

guix --version 
guix (GNU Guix) 1.2.0


guix install telescope
guix install: error: telescope: unknown package

And as a matter of fact:

guix search telescope
name: stellarium
version: 0.20.3

And I am very confused! 🤔

Thanks... 👍

#linux #freesoftware #gemini #geminiProtocol #opensource
Did you open an issue to make them aware of the problem?

Not yet, I was trying to understand if the Debian version is stick to 1.2 intentionally.

My old mercury #thermostat died and I have to replace it. I am not very good with electrical stuff and a civil engineer expert in #HVAC, colleague of my wife, suggested us to install a #nest rather than a digital thermostat one.

Not even death! Besides the unaffordable price —😱 — I won't never allow #Gugl to take control over my apartment, I feel already extremely frustrated because my mobile.

Eventually I replaced it with the exact simple and analogic type but newer and without mercury; it works, it doesn't require battery to operate, it will last other fifteen years (more or less).

I am pretty happy but also relieved, check out this #scary story to realize how much is evil #Gugl and its nest...

A Gemini client is required
#Gemini #GeminiProtocol #softwareFreedom #dumbHome #smartHome #degooglify

Test protocol...


Trying to figuring out if this #Friendica server still support the #Diaspora protocol.

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Yep, I read it!

Thanks again!
My pleasure - I probably should have mentioned I was posting here mainly for the benefit of anyone paying attention to this post without having seen the other.

OpenSuse Tumbleweed Rules!

#OpenSuse #Tumbleweed it is simply amazing... If it wasn't for #systemd I would probably use it on my workstation.

The default partition setup it is just the state of the art of #BTRFS usage, which is pretty tedious to do manually; besides that I am also very impressed how smooth and fast it is on this #Ryzen 3 2200U. I am not talking about #Gnome3 of course, I eventually moved on #XFCE cause the non-sense of Gnome which get worst with version 40 🤷‍♂️ but I really don't care, those are their business!

I prefer saying the #XFCE4 setup available on Tumbleweed is pretty excellent and one of the best available, I look forward to have the #docklike panel plugin available on the main repo soon!

Congratulation OpenSuse Tumbleweed!

#linux #opensource #foss #floss #freesoftware

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Welcome to #Inkscape 1.1! We're excited to launch our latest version... with a Welcome dialog, Command Palette, revamped Dialog Docking System & searchable preference options, along with new exporting formats. Download for Linux, Windows or macOS :

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is it possible to see the release video on the fediverse (peertube)?
We don't have a Peertube account, but I'll bring it up as something we can aim for in the future.
Really great job! Many thanks to all participants! 🤯 😍

Chattery AN1

I recently bought this computer:

From a website where I wasn't it would be ever arrived and let me say that...

1. It is arrived!
2. Didn't pay shipment or extra customs fees.
3. It was actually what it was described!
4. It is quite silent.
5. It looks well made!
6. Added 8GB or Ram and a NVME M.2 250GB
7. Usage: TV Multimedia Station.

Besides that, I wasn't sure what installing... I initially thought about an #Ubuntu LTS, but too much boring, then I thought to #EndeavourOS but too much Arch-y, I was almost to refold on #Debian or #Devuan as usual when I decided to try #OpenSuse #Tumbleweed and zack!!! It worked perfectly out-of-the-box!

Just I need to read a bit more about Tumbleweed to learn the very basic maintenance!

#linux #linuxhardware #opensource #freesoftware #ryzen #apu #amd

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Congratulations. Seems like a nice piece of kit.
Thanks, it looks quite decent.
I've been looking at these newer AMD-based Mini PCs for quite a few applications. I never buy Intel, so it's good to see AMD have moved into an area that was pretty much dominated by them previously.

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Help with Micro editor

Hi guys,

there is this #TUI #editor #Micro which is pretty cool, but I am having some hard time trying to understand how to enable and to use the plugins (aspell and editorConfig). Probably is something very trivial but any #help is very much appreciated.


#linux #freesoftware #opensource #freebsd #TerminalEmulator
Thanks again, haven't had time to try out everything today though... ☹️
Eventually I figured out something:

cat ~/.config/micro/settings.json 
    "*.gmi": {
        "aspell.check": "on"
    "*.txt": {
        "aspell.check": "on"
    "fileformat": "dos",
    "ft:markdown": {
        "aspell.check": "off"
    "softwrap": true,
    "wordwrap": true

Now my version is still 2.0.8 hence the "wordwrap" doesn't work.... 🤔

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"Station" an experimental social network based on Gemini

This is totally A W E S O M E ! ! ! 😁


What's Station?

Floating in the depths of gemspace, Station is an outpost where capsuleers can hang out and socialise.

How does it work?

• Join and set up your profile.

• Write new messages in your station log for your followers to read and reply to.

• Wander the Station and find other Station capsuleers to follow.

#gemini #geminauts #web #www #internet #freesoftware #socialnetwork

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Di pubblico dominio


Ciao volevo chiederti se hai qualcosa da suggerirmi su questo spunto riflessivo...

Secondo me il problema del software libero in parte dipende da una visione individualistica del sua proprietà, non è trattato come una cosa di pubblico dominio, deve sempre riferirsi a qualcuno, è di tutti, ma solo uno alla volta.

Per farti capire meglio, mentre speculavo su questo, mi è capitato questo post dell'autore di Ariane sul GeminiSpace:


Il suo problema è cercare una licenza che tuteli il suo lavoro come di dominio pubblico e per questo tesse le lodi alle Creative Commons perché gli sembra che funzionino meglio in questo senso seppur non rivolte allo sviluppo di software.

Infine non so se ti ricordi il nome ma c'è un giovane avvocato italiano che ha scritto diversi libri sull'argomento ed è molto ferrato e sto cercando di risalire alle sue pubblicazioni.


#licenze libere

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(Virtual) Day #2 - 30 Days of FreeBSD

Thanks, actually it was a link I followed to fix this...

For the chronicles I found this one:

And I bought it (Ryzen 3)

I'll let you if it is going to work fine with something like #Ubuntu...

Midori Android Browser

Hi Folks,

I am browsing #Friendica on my #android phone through #Midori browser and so far the experience has been pretty good.

The browser is snappy and pages are loaded quickly!


#freesoftware #opensource #midoribrowser

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You need to add his repo:
It is also available on AuroraDroid
Thank you guys, I'll check this out!

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I'm pretty pleased with how well my blog/static site statistics generation tool works. No JavaScript or user tracking. No extra software to install or services to run. Here's my real world experience with it and what direction I may take it.

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Great job, I'll look into it!!! ???
@Hans Wolters I mean I do have people's IP addresses, or apparent IP addresses anyway, because that's logged by Nginx. I was trying to do it without that but then filtering out bots became much more difficult. But yeah by "tracking" I mean browser fingerprinting, pulling down information about the user's OS to try to figure out unique characteristics etc. It's just the basic access information already logged by the static web server.

Any news about #HyperbolaBSD?

One year ago (more or less) the Hyperbola project announce to rebase their distro over a blend of BSD implementation. A ambitious project but totally worth, however after that announce haven't followed any other updates so far...

Does any of you know if they are still working and moving forward on this project?

This project is extremely interesting and a has great potential to be a real thing and a breaking paradigm!

Some links for who missed the entire history...

#freesoftware #linux #bsd #openbsd #freebsd #opensource
The big ones that are popular have been eating all the other solutions since the 1970s. Like it or not, few users want to use something practically no one else is using. And few developers will join up with a project that practically no one is using.

At least we're fortunate to have at least two strong contenders - Linux and BSD - that have a long enough history that they likely aren't going away any time soon.

What's more alarming to me is what has happened in web browsers. Web browsers had gotten way too complex for hobbyists to develop and maintain. So one by one, they either switched to being based on WebKit/Chromium or just quietly went away.

Now? The browser wars are over, and it was a rout. There's practically only two browsers left - WebKit/Chromium and Firefox.
That is another good point, in regarding of this I am actively dedicating time studying Gemini and working with some Italian folks for the Italian translation.

Mega-complex whatever is the typical attitude/footprint of corporations' behavior, that is why I am always cautious to invoke their support, since you can't control them and those doesn't deal with you the trade-off is always risky and totally in the hands of the stronger part.

(Virtual) Day #1

30 Days of FreeBSD

I'd like to start my 30 days challenge with FreeBSD, I resumed and repaired my (previous) old laptop to see if I can do everything I do normally with Linux (Devuan, Debian and Ubuntu) with FreeBSD, especially with my main workstation (Devuan).

I have been pretty tired about Linux since a while and I look forward to get rid off all the toxicity that every days poisoning the free software culture.

Looks like the BSD realm is cleaner, more resilient and more unix mindset oriented.

I look forward to a positive outcome and make the use of computer funny again!!!


#freebsd #opensource #freesoftware #linux


What happened this last week just revealed the toxicity inside the #Linux community has never left... The novelty is that now obeys and is unleashed by the new owners...

#gnu #rms #supportRMS #freesoftware #opensource

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Supporting #RMS

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The strategy to sink the free software movement

What has happened with all this surrealistic situation about #RMS and the #FSF just helped to make me clear my personal desire to take a huge distance from #Linux, the #opensource and any emanation, direct or indirect, of the #freesoftware with or without #RMS.

I don’t believe in the good faith of these people and organizations:

The objective is only one, wiping out for ever the culture and values of the free-software with any means available.
This is a proven a well known strategy: attacking the morality of a person for later delegitimizing its thought with a simple syllogism.
And we do need people and organizations that are really commited to the free software not just as a facade...

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X2GO Server setup

Hi guys,

Is any of you aware about a step-by-step guide to setup a #X2GO server?

I sicerely hoped that was something easy like Teamviewer but it isn't. Searching on the web I always find the same (cloned) instructions, but it looks like many things are kind of given...

Maybe I have to open some port on the router, maybe I have to setup also SSH, I am not sure...

However I would just need about SSH.

Thanks in advance,


#linux #Admin #sysadmin #ssh #opensouce #freesoftware #rdp #remotedesktop #debian

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In hope that it adds to your conversation.
  • X2go is simply something diffrent than teamviewer.
  • as sooon as you have ssh access to your machine x2go just works ( in my experiance)
  • depending on your distos config, you will need to setup public key access and cannot use your users password. ( which is not recommended anyway) ( and actually this is also part of 2.)
  • if you cannot not access with ssh. this is technically network knowledge and has "nothing" todo with x2go
if you still need help with 2. it be good if you share what your "serversituation" is. ( where is it what is it, what connection, what OS...)
Thanks for the advices, I ended up utilizing Anydesk, it was been well suited for my needs.

Keyboard vs Mouse

In the modern and eternal struggle between #keyboard versus #mouse, I have just decreed that mouse people kind are more curious of keyboard people kind because mice promote and facilitate a wandering use of #computers...


#linux #behavior #funny #computer #desktop #DesktopEnvironment #LinuxDesktop

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Git Help...

Hi folks,

there is a project that I'd like to contribute that uses #GIT to upload the translations, I thought that I would able to understand the process but I was wrong.

I did some translations in the clone folder but I have not idea how to move forward, I found the same GIT (poorly written) tutorial spread in hundreds of pages with the same content; It is pretty frustrating.

Does anyone of you know a practical and nice tutorial for beginner considering that I am not a coder and I don't have any coding background?


#linux #opensource #freesoftware #debian