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I'm starting a new serie of videos how to design a Involute Gear and 3d print them. I'm using the FLOSS program Solvespace and I will create a gear from the ground up giving the viewer a better understanding of this topic. The first video is the Involute of a Circle which is essential to the Involute Gear.

#3dcad #solvespace

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great video! Looking forward for more. :gnu: 👍
Thanks. I'm currently editing the next one, the involute gear.
Second video in this series. In this video you will learn how to create a Involute Gear in Solvespace with just three parameters to start with: module , number of teeth and pressure angle.
how does it compare to freecad? is it better for simple modeling? the interface looks weird but at the same time less hostile to the user. What do you feel about this?
@ericbuijs responding so I can see Eric's reply later ;)
It's much simpler to learn than FreeCAD and the interface is very consistent. On top of that it's low on resources and in my experience very stable. It isn't as feature rich as FreeCAD but it's pretty capable and with the latest release (3.0) some much features have been added.
Good! I'll give it a try then! thank you very much
JFTR, Since `v3.0` release there are a lot of new features added into `master` branch:
So, I just highly recommend try latest "nightly" (aka `edge`) builds of SovleSpace `v3.x`:
NEW (in comparison to `v3.0`):
+ Link/Assemble STL files;
+ Architectural units representation for Inches/Feets;
+ ArcLength Ratio & ArcLength Difference constraints;
+ Helix Pitch constraint;
+ Exploded view for sketches;
+ various issues fixes.

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Thanks for information. That looks awesome. I have 3.0 stable on my old iMac and I'm eager to try the nightly on my MXLinux system.

3.0 stable is currently not in the MXLinux repo (my main PC) and not available as a Flatpak. So this link to the nightly is just what I was looking for. I will give it a go this weekend.

Third video in this series. In this video I'll demonstrate to change the number of teeth, module or pressure angle of an existing gear in Solvespace instead of starting from scratch. This allows the user to quickly create a number of different gears.

#3dcad #FLOSS
Before I start creating my last video in the 'how to design a involute gear' series I had to print the gears myself of course.

While working on involutes in #Solvespace why not do it in #Openscad too.

#Math - #English - #Science #learning #Book disappeared!

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@Daniel Although video reading is extremely easy and fast, studying on paper has some advantages, including the ability to create a mental map of a physical and perceptive nature: the thickness of the book, before and after the page you are studying , it helps to physically perceive the progress of the reading; or again, the position of a sentence in a particular point on the page stimulates our visual memory. After all, our mind has been reading for a few thousand years but it has been functioning in a spatial and perceptive way for hundreds of thousands of years
Besides all the pedagogic implications, the issue here is that kids and parents do not have access to the educational sources, kids are consuming education as they were consuming any other goods! At home they only do exercises or assignment, they do not study otherwise they would have control on their sources.

I can imply what they study at school by their homeworks but I do not have access to their sources.

Hence answering also to @mc I do not need any "learning" books, I need the ones that my son's teacher uses as reference for her lecturers. I have to be sure that school is providing the right education based on my belief and culture.

I am concerned because I do not know what happened here, and I do not understand why students of any grade do not complain or haven't reacted so far?

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Absolutely, I remember paying for use them back in the day.

GhostBSD fails to boot...

Today I tried to install #GhostBSD (GhostBSD-21.09.08-XFCE.iso) but it looks like the installer has some issues. It couldn't boot after the installation, I tried it a couple of time but always the same outcome.

Usually they fix these issues pretty quickly however are pretty common but eventually I think I'll test #FreeBSD 13 on #Virtualbox since the guest additions should be available and working again.

I am pretty curious to check if FreeBSD is going to be more responsive than my Debian Minimal Setup.

I also tested it out #OpenBSD but it is too extreme for my skills though... 😔

#bsd #opensource #freesoftware #debian #linux
Hi Daniel,
On OpenBSD, you could try again with Isotop scripts. They configure an OpenBSD system to a desktop environnement with DWM window manager. It works well for me.
But I'm sorry, it's un French.
I actually need to use those inside a VM however it is impossible for OpenBSD to get a proper resolution or other features more, also when I read I had to mount manually any USB stick drive I understood I am not suited to that level of computer using...

Ai confini della realtà...

Questo lo voglio scrivere in Italiano perché questo tipo di sarcasmo è difficile da tradurre.

Stavo ascoltando l'episodio 138 di LateNightLinux e ci si scandalizzava del fatto che Apple vorrebbe o voleva (ascolto le puntate random quindi il fatto potrebbe già essere stato risolto) scansionarti le foto del tuo iphone per cercare potenziali pedofili, e di come questo sarebbe un abuso da parte di Apple, altri lo consideravano buono nella forma ma comunque indesiderabile.

Io invece mi sono domandato che cosa sarebbe successo se Apple scoprisse che il 60% dei suoi utenti sono tutti predatori sessuali, chiuderebbe il servizio di telefonia e tutto l'ecosistema a contorno? O inizierebbe improvvisamente a diventare tollerante?

I sordi'so'sordi... 🤔


OpenBSD is gorgeous. You'll have a blast.
I did an installation, now I have to learn something more to get out of the dotted background... 😁

The use of Blender in Spider-man 2

Dear #Blender lover,

I am trying to gather some information about Spider Man 2 and blender.
The old link is broken:

I found just this so far:

But I like to find any related link.


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Path Tool

I wonder why Fotoshoppe can't have a path tool good as the one in #Gimp... 🤷‍♂️

#freesoftware #opensource

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The Raise of the Good Linux

For the ones that are still waiting for a reasonable alternative to #systemd it looks like something is finally moving over:

A new service manager for Linux distributions

Let's what happens!

#linux #opensource #freesoftware #initfree #InitFreedom #s6

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Lets what happens when the ball hits the net but still goes over into the other court. Other than that, I have no idea what the point is. 😋
A modern alternative to systemd is under active development finally. 😉

Sega Megadrive / Genesys emulation status on Ubuntu

And the situation is critical!

I just wanted play a bit with my son on a very old laptop with #Ubuntu 20.04 installed and situation was pretty critical...

Pure #Sega #Megadrive / #Genesys emulators:

  • #Dgen: partially available as I386 - dependencies issue!
  • #Blastem: fast but with glitches, no way to make the controller working - not playable!

Multi #8Bit #16bit #emulators:

  • #Higan: extremely slow - not playable!
  • #RetroArch + Genesys Plus: slow, controllers not recognized - not playable!
  • #Mednafem: on internet the least appreciated - worked out: graphic, speed, sound & controllers!

It looks like all the interest moved over Arm SoC, I remember more than 15 years ago #Gens was able to run perfectly on hardware that was way more inferior than this one...
I haven't messed with Mega Drive/Genesis emulation, but the last time I tried SNES emulation it seemed fine (previous version of Debian, Debian 10).
I also have a Sega Megadrive mini and its quality is amazing.

Unusable Web

It happens that my #Debian screwed up for some reason and I had to try to fix it through a Live CD. I needed to browse on the internet and without extensions on the default browser I realized the usual pages I follow to check solutions, or hints, were barely usable because ADs and other crap: continuous interruptions, slow loading, camouflaged ads, it was really frustrating.

I would be willing to drop my ad-blocker if those websites would decide to revert the amount of ads and other stuff like trackers to an acceptable, almost imperceptible, level otherwise I am going to continue to use my defenses as usual.

But who is really the one that is losing this battle? Think about!

#web #GeminiProtocol #gemini #www #adblocker #internet #linux
I use other defenses usually...

Anyway I don't remember those websites being so aggressive, it looks the situation has gotten worst in the last couple of years.

What's the point to have a website that is useful only when you disable ads and tracking?

@Daniel Investory storytime. The boss is an idiot. Desperation. Cargo-culting. Who knows?

XFCE-Notes alternatives

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Tokyo 2020

Hi Guys,

during the Opening Ceremony of #Tokyo2020 Olympic Games I clearly recognized the orchestral soundtrack of the #Sonic first stage! Crazy! 😁

#Sega #retrogames #retrogame #16bit #videogames #Megadrive

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Any P2P Instant Message Still Available?

It happens that for not clarified reason my phone is broken, for now it works randomly and I haven't bought a replacement yet, waiting for some 4th July offers; anyway since I had to reset everything, hence,It doesn't have anything installed yet, and besides text message I really think I need an alternative solution to Whatsapp that I can use in emergency situation like this one, and perhaps as stable replacement for the aforementioned platform.

So my question is: are still out there any active, secure, privacy focus, free and opensource P2P instant messaging software for both Desktop and Mobile?


#linux #android #mobile #LinuxDesktop #freesofftware #privacy #privacyFocus #p2p #EndToEndEncryption #opensource

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tox is somehow often forgotten but it's good
matrix is making an overlay

Watch out with Bromite

Hi Folks,

I am pretty sure that #Bromite f### up my mobile, after putting it as default browser my crap Revvl2 began to restart constantly, I had to back up and copy everything on my Linux machine and reset the device since just removing Bromite didn't fix the corruption.

I would not say that Bromite is bad but you may risk to have my same issue so be careful.

That's it... ☹️

#android #linux #opensource

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i have had similar experience.
the browser doesn't just crash.. it freezes everything and the system becomes unresponsive.
it's not even due to a lack of resources.

Guix package missin

Hi #guix users,

I have a small issue, there is this package on the website:

But I cannot find in the repo, I pulled several time guix but nothing. 🤷‍♂️

I am currently using guix over #debian:

Description:	Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)

Package: guix
Version: 1.2.0-4

guix --version 
guix (GNU Guix) 1.2.0


guix install telescope
guix install: error: telescope: unknown package

And as a matter of fact:

guix search telescope
name: stellarium
version: 0.20.3

And I am very confused! 🤔

Thanks... 👍

#linux #freesoftware #gemini #geminiProtocol #opensource

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Did you open an issue to make them aware of the problem?

Not yet, I was trying to understand if the Debian version is stick to 1.2 intentionally.

My old mercury #thermostat died and I have to replace it. I am not very good with electrical stuff and a civil engineer expert in #HVAC, colleague of my wife, suggested us to install a #nest rather than a digital thermostat one.

Not even death! Besides the unaffordable price —😱 — I won't never allow #Gugl to take control over my apartment, I feel already extremely frustrated because my mobile.

Eventually I replaced it with the exact simple and analogic type but newer and without mercury; it works, it doesn't require battery to operate, it will last other fifteen years (more or less).

I am pretty happy but also relieved, check out this #scary story to realize how much is evil #Gugl and its nest...

A Gemini client is required
#Gemini #GeminiProtocol #softwareFreedom #dumbHome #smartHome #degooglify

Test protocol...


Trying to figuring out if this #Friendica server still support the #Diaspora protocol.

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Yep, I read it!

Thanks again!
My pleasure - I probably should have mentioned I was posting here mainly for the benefit of anyone paying attention to this post without having seen the other.

OpenSuse Tumbleweed Rules!

#OpenSuse #Tumbleweed it is simply amazing... If it wasn't for #systemd I would probably use it on my workstation.

The default partition setup it is just the state of the art of #BTRFS usage, which is pretty tedious to do manually; besides that I am also very impressed how smooth and fast it is on this #Ryzen 3 2200U. I am not talking about #Gnome3 of course, I eventually moved on #XFCE cause the non-sense of Gnome which get worst with version 40 🤷‍♂️ but I really don't care, those are their business!

I prefer saying the #XFCE4 setup available on Tumbleweed is pretty excellent and one of the best available, I look forward to have the #docklike panel plugin available on the main repo soon!

Congratulation OpenSuse Tumbleweed!

#linux #opensource #foss #floss #freesoftware

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Welcome to #Inkscape 1.1! We're excited to launch our latest version... with a Welcome dialog, Command Palette, revamped Dialog Docking System & searchable preference options, along with new exporting formats. Download for Linux, Windows or macOS :

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is it possible to see the release video on the fediverse (peertube)?
We don't have a Peertube account, but I'll bring it up as something we can aim for in the future.
Really great job! Many thanks to all participants! 🤯 😍

Chattery AN1

I recently bought this computer:

From a website where I wasn't it would be ever arrived and let me say that...

1. It is arrived!
2. Didn't pay shipment or extra customs fees.
3. It was actually what it was described!
4. It is quite silent.
5. It looks well made!
6. Added 8GB or Ram and a NVME M.2 250GB
7. Usage: TV Multimedia Station.

Besides that, I wasn't sure what installing... I initially thought about an #Ubuntu LTS, but too much boring, then I thought to #EndeavourOS but too much Arch-y, I was almost to refold on #Debian or #Devuan as usual when I decided to try #OpenSuse #Tumbleweed and zack!!! It worked perfectly out-of-the-box!

Just I need to read a bit more about Tumbleweed to learn the very basic maintenance!

#linux #linuxhardware #opensource #freesoftware #ryzen #apu #amd

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Congratulations. Seems like a nice piece of kit.
Thanks, it looks quite decent.
I've been looking at these newer AMD-based Mini PCs for quite a few applications. I never buy Intel, so it's good to see AMD have moved into an area that was pretty much dominated by them previously.

Help with Micro editor

Hi guys,

there is this #TUI #editor #Micro which is pretty cool, but I am having some hard time trying to understand how to enable and to use the plugins (aspell and editorConfig). Probably is something very trivial but any #help is very much appreciated.


#linux #freesoftware #opensource #freebsd #TerminalEmulator

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Thanks again, haven't had time to try out everything today though... ☹️
Eventually I figured out something:

cat ~/.config/micro/settings.json 
    "*.gmi": {
        "aspell.check": "on"
    "*.txt": {
        "aspell.check": "on"
    "fileformat": "dos",
    "ft:markdown": {
        "aspell.check": "off"
    "softwrap": true,
    "wordwrap": true

Now my version is still 2.0.8 hence the "wordwrap" doesn't work.... 🤔

"Station" an experimental social network based on Gemini

This is totally A W E S O M E ! ! ! 😁


What's Station?

Floating in the depths of gemspace, Station is an outpost where capsuleers can hang out and socialise.

How does it work?

• Join and set up your profile.

• Write new messages in your station log for your followers to read and reply to.

• Wander the Station and find other Station capsuleers to follow.

#gemini #geminauts #web #www #internet #freesoftware #socialnetwork

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Di pubblico dominio


Ciao volevo chiederti se hai qualcosa da suggerirmi su questo spunto riflessivo...

Secondo me il problema del software libero in parte dipende da una visione individualistica del sua proprietà, non è trattato come una cosa di pubblico dominio, deve sempre riferirsi a qualcuno, è di tutti, ma solo uno alla volta.

Per farti capire meglio, mentre speculavo su questo, mi è capitato questo post dell'autore di Ariane sul GeminiSpace:


Il suo problema è cercare una licenza che tuteli il suo lavoro come di dominio pubblico e per questo tesse le lodi alle Creative Commons perché gli sembra che funzionino meglio in questo senso seppur non rivolte allo sviluppo di software.

Infine non so se ti ricordi il nome ma c'è un giovane avvocato italiano che ha scritto diversi libri sull'argomento ed è molto ferrato e sto cercando di risalire alle sue pubblicazioni.


#licenze libere

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(Virtual) Day #2 - 30 Days of FreeBSD

Thanks, actually it was a link I followed to fix this...

For the chronicles I found this one:

And I bought it (Ryzen 3)

I'll let you if it is going to work fine with something like #Ubuntu...

Midori Android Browser

Hi Folks,

I am browsing #Friendica on my #android phone through #Midori browser and so far the experience has been pretty good.

The browser is snappy and pages are loaded quickly!


#freesoftware #opensource #midoribrowser

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You need to add his repo:
It is also available on AuroraDroid
Thank you guys, I'll check this out!

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I'm pretty pleased with how well my blog/static site statistics generation tool works. No JavaScript or user tracking. No extra software to install or services to run. Here's my real world experience with it and what direction I may take it.

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Great job, I'll look into it!!! ???
@Hans Wolters I mean I do have people's IP addresses, or apparent IP addresses anyway, because that's logged by Nginx. I was trying to do it without that but then filtering out bots became much more difficult. But yeah by "tracking" I mean browser fingerprinting, pulling down information about the user's OS to try to figure out unique characteristics etc. It's just the basic access information already logged by the static web server.

Any news about #HyperbolaBSD?

One year ago (more or less) the Hyperbola project announce to rebase their distro over a blend of BSD implementation. A ambitious project but totally worth, however after that announce haven't followed any other updates so far...

Does any of you know if they are still working and moving forward on this project?

This project is extremely interesting and a has great potential to be a real thing and a breaking paradigm!

Some links for who missed the entire history...

#freesoftware #linux #bsd #openbsd #freebsd #opensource