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Hi folks,

I am trying to install # however the # # doesn't recognize the # raid0 I prepared before on the terminal hence I don't have a place where putting the OS, unless I don't format the disk and break the raid.

I have been reading the # wiki and the official btrfs wiki during these days but I haven't understood if I can create a raid after the OS installation on the first disk, and then create the raid with the second. I haven't done this last option though.

I have very few spare time any suggestion that makes me save time is really appreciated, thanks!

# # # #

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No, those are entirely independent. You can most certainly use raid modes on any btrfs filesystem if you have multiple physical devices. You can create multiple filesystems each of which is spread across multiple physical devices, even the same devices if you use partitions.

For example, the first filesystem composed of sda1 and sdb1 mounted on / and the second filesystem composed of sda2 and sdb2 mounted on /home

Of course then it becomes inconvenient to change the space allocation unless you use LVM instead of raw partitions. But if you're going to get that complicated you might as well use subvolumes in the first place.
Thank you again for your kind reply... I don't need, actually, also the home over a btrfs. I was originally interested in snapshots and rollingback, then reading the documentation I realized that I could use a RAID on two identical ssd I have on my machine. A wise partition setup is good but an overly complicated setup might be not. I'll go doing further tests..