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Looking for some explaination about BTRFS

I am viewing from diaspora (pluspora pod), and I see images.

I've been using btrfs with Debian for some time, but only a relatively simple situation. I use it on some of nfs file servers because of the way reflinks work. I have a number of nfs root installs, and also small 30GB SSD. In this situation, there are a TON of duplicate files, and reflinks are the awesome solution. It lets me fit a lot more installs on a 30GB SSD than would normally be possible.

But there are some annoyances which keep me using ext4 otherwise. It's not really a block device, so I can't put a swapfile or virtual machine qcow2 file on it (I think).

Still, maybe I can help a little bit?
What I like of BTRFS is the snapshots feature, but what I dislike is having two disk and use it separately as Windows does. I have been always used LVM for striping the data over multiple partions but BTRFS has modern features that are missing on LVM even though to create a RAID (10) was quite complicated.

From Linux 5 you can have a swap file but with some limitation, in my case I got a third SSD disk where I will place /boot a phisical swap and and another partition, the last two will lie over an LVM luks partition... 🤓

Why I ditched POP!_os 20.04

In total counter-sense, as usual, here my reasons to ditch POP!_os 20.04!

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