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@1969Caddy @ehaase3 Works out at The Cage in the off-season. Good dude. Pretty sure he spent some time in a Michigan Blue Jays uniform too.

The boys and I used @StevenDLevitt’s modified golf scoring system today and it was so much fun!

We played 0 pts for bogey or worse, 1 pt for par, 5 pts for birdie, 10 pts for eagle.

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Just a gorgeous day. Man. Michigan in the spring is glorious.


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This week's edition of Beyond Sunday School: "The Background of the New Testament: The Text". ⚓

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Shorts and sweatshirt weather. Finally! Have we crossed the finish line with winter? #movement


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2021-05-12 00:20:11
#OTD in 1903, the great Charlie Gehringer was born in Fowlerville, MI. Here’s a painting of him as a youngster with the Tigers in 1925.


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Short. Sweet. Done. Some days faithfulness is all that matters.


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Every one of these is lodged somewhere in my brain. 😂
2021-05-11 11:35:58
Whether it was a mustached dad, an egg in a frying pan, or Pee-wee Herman holding a crack vial, public service announcements pulled out all the stops to save Gen Xers' lives.
@danielmrose I still quote “I learned if from you!” from time to time 🤣

Young fellas, get you a wife that gets super excited about a guy keeping his hands in to adjust to the breaking ball and driving it down the line for a double.

She also might yell at players who refuse to bunt against the shift and it’s wildly entertaining.
Also she says things like:

“Matt Carpenter needs to learn how to that.”

“Oof…your Tigers are the worst team in baseball. That’s just sad.”

I've been pastoring a congregation now for eight years. I am just now starting to learn that it's OK to feel empty and tired on Mondays.

Sometimes I don't.

That's OK too.

Some Mondays, the tired is real. I leaned into it today and took a nap.

2021-05-10 18:41:03
The @fordfield site is providing free second doses of the Pfizer vaccine for anyone who has a need, no matter where the first dose was received.

Hey @ATT your customer service is excellent. Well done! Thanks for caring about your customers.

Indeed. It is a feature, not a bug.
2021-05-10 12:16:18
The Church not conforming to your ideology is a good thing not a flaw. The Church will still be around when conventional wisdom and your ideology fail you. Stand on the solid ground of Scripture.

Orthodoxy (&) Orthopraxy
@danielmrose I find it more concerning when it does.

Daily spiritual insight for the short attention span, the Knee Jerk Devotional for May 10, 2021, by @danielmrose