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2021-07-26 12:03:00

When you offer critique,
do so gently.

When you offer encouragement,
do so fiercely.

210 of 365

It’s time to start walking early. It was toasty! But man, it’s so nice to walk with hardly any pain. @brooksrunning with the big win on the shoes, Addictions and @ypsirunning helping me find them. #movement


Don’t miss this week’s podcast episode with @_puddle__’s mom, the amazing Laura Van Zomeren!…

2021-07-25 02:23:02

Amateur Baseball Players

Self promote as much as u can. Use every tool, resource, outlet available if it helps u reach your goals of playing at the next-level..

Be professional about it, but leave NO stone unturned!

"If you're good they will find u" I wouldn't bet on it.. 🙌

2021-07-25 01:29:53

Record in-game. Record a bullpen w/ arsenal. Record an IF/OF session. Record your 60.

Coaches from all corners of the world use social media.

Ain’t nothing wrong with self-promotion. Just know what college coaches are looking for and treat DM slides like a business e-mail.

A few friends and I are launching another season of Book Club. We will shoot to start the first Thursday of August, 9:30 pm Eastern.

The book we will be reading and discussing is “Sex, Economy, Freedom, & Community” by Wendell Berry



I could watch this no-look pickoff a thousand times and still be amazed every single time 👀😳

Ask Me Anything!…
Have questions about real estate but not sure where to start?

So much for being the classiest organization in baseball. Really disappointed to see this. @Cardinals do better.

The Double-A teams for the St. Louis Cardinals and San Diego Padres begin a series tomorrow in San Antonio. This is where the Cardinals players were forced to sleep last night.

2021-07-19 15:18:00

Play the game the right way:

• Wear your uniform right
• Run on/off the field
• Keep your head up
• Respect your coaches, teammates, umpires
• Work hard, never give up
• Run out everything, ya never know!
• Respect your opponents
• Positive attitude

2021-07-19 14:05:33

Pastors, remember it’s Monday.

Get some exercise. Sit in silence and solitude with God. Be still. No difficult meetings. Be realistic in what you can accomplish today.

And don’t resign.

Me and @ToddWaller talk often of #BackChannel and #SilverFishHandCatch. Those were the glory days of Twitter. Man, I miss the fun.

#backchannel got people talking WITH each other for a while. Now people just talk AT each other.…

204 of 365

Broke 2 miles for the first time in I can’t remember when. Little to no pain. The pace was improved as well. Woot!


Podcast release day! My guest was the amazing Laura Van Zomeren. Don’t miss this fun episode!…

2021-07-19 01:08:50

Head over to to register for our CP3 Camp on August 28-29! This elite-level camp is a great opportunity to increase your exposure in front SVSU coaching staff, as well as several other college coaches that will be in attendance!



203 of 365

Added some distance. Still a bit tight and a little discomfort, but the improvement is real.


2021-07-18 13:04:00

#PreacherWarningSigns #6 You put more thought and energy into building your platform than you do into building your character.

When the girls are away, I try new recipes. Plant based macaroni and cheese with portobello pulled “pork.” Really good stuff!


202 of 365

Nearly pain free. I think I can start increasing the distance tomorrow if I respond well today.


201 of 365

Rain’s out so it’s time for @chacofootwear!


2021-07-15 18:02:03

Amateur players

Commit to a school that has everything u need to be a successful person. A place that will develop u, provide life experiences & an A+ education.. what if ⚾️ doesn't work out? - a place u can still be happy at..

...don't commit if u feel rushed, or for attention

200 of 365

Injuries set you back. It was not the 200 milestone walk I was anticipating. But, being nearly pain free and able to quicken the pace was good. Maybe 250 will be better! #movement #perseverance


2021-07-15 12:22:50

This is an absolute fact...

If you plan on being a highly competitive college athlete YOU better invest in Strength & Conditioning, pronto...

Close the gap between YOU (incoming FR) & the players on their rosters..

Pop over to the podcast episode page and let us know if Lori should wear her Foo shoes or display them!…

This was one the most beautiful and emotional episodes I have ever been a part of. I hope you will take some time to listen to it. To #LoveWell demands we persevere through the heartbreak.…