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What a game!

These guys are going to compete all season.

Just need to win a few more face offs. #LGRW

The stars are shining bright in Detroit tonight. The @NHL should have spotlighted this one. Larkin, Bertuzzi, Stamkos, two stud goalies, and things are chippy.

#Hockeytown is rocking! The Yzerplan is coming together. #LGRW

This Nedeljkovic kid is something special.

Lucas Raymond showed some sweet hands.

The top 4 D look solid.

The Captain looked like the Captain.

1 Period in and I’m loving the 2021-22 edition of this team. #LGRW

Listen to "Putting Jesus in His Place - Who Did Jesus Think He Was? Part 2" by Beyond Sunday School. ⚓…

The @revmikeumc and I dropped a new podcast episode:

Listen to "Saving Sacred Words: God, Part 1" by The Simple Theologian Podcast. ⚓…

Some Christians go further to the ideological left in response to a lack of justice and compassion in the Church.

Other Christians go further to the ideological right in response to secularism in the Church.

Problem: Neither issue can be solved by these ideological frameworks.

Well that settles it, Wings win the Cup. Or at least are better than last year.

We put Mo & Lucas to the test…

Can they clap at the same time with their eyes closed? 😂

I’ll tell you what, every time the Stanley Cup enters the building I get chills.

Every. Single. Time.

Chills every time. #NHLonESPN

It's the soundtrack to some of hockey's most iconic moments 🏒

As the ESPN @NHL theme song we all love returns tonight for the first time in 17 years, @justinbieber takes a look at how it all came to be.

I have been selected to be a Top Mentor on the all new Wisdom app. Currently it’s iOS only, but will soon come to Android too. If you’re on iOS join me over on Wisdom as I explore what it means to #LoveWell.

“Evil would want us to think the worst about who we are, so we would have that behind our eyes as we looked at our neighbor, and we would see the worst in our neighbor. (1/3)

Raymond walked into a camp where he wasn't really expected to make the team, kicked down the door, and made the Red Wings *on the top line*.

Special player is right. Can't wait to watch Raymond grow in the Winged Wheel. #LGRW

Historic. #getonboard #OnePride

The Lions are the first team in NFL history to lose on a GW FG of 50+ yards with no time left on the clock twice in a single season.

Just remember if you aren’t there for their 0-17 you don’t get to be there for their 5-12! #OnePride
@danielmrose Weren’t there three playoff appearances with Stafford? I can’t remember what years but I remember pretending to be excited with ppl 😜