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Hi there if you are in America I suggest you ASAP contact your congressperson and ask them to oppose the CASE act, a weird copyright bill being voted on tomorrow


Verge article:

Short version: Now in addition to normal courts plus the DMCA there'd be this new weird copyright quasi-court. By my read if notice is served and you don't respond within 60 days you could get hit with a $15,000 fine as default judgement. Sounds really easy to abuse.

v3.0.0BETA1 of my #foss sanbox/roguelike/rpg RogueBox Adventures was released 18 hours ago and I am looking for testers.

You have a bit time?
Why not try it out and tell me what you are thinking?
I would be very happy about any constructive feedback.

#rba #rbadev #freegaming

#convmv is a filename reencoder.

convmv is a small program which can convert filenames from one encoding (eg. ASCII or ISO 8859-1) to another encoding (eg. UTF-8). convmv supports single renames, recursive renames, renaming and retargeting symlinks, as well as special reencoding cases for specific glyphs. convmv can also help with reversing double encoding of filenames.

Website 🔗️: (tarball listing)

apt 📦️: convmv

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations

#GHex is a graphical hex editor.

Hex editors are programs which directly edit binary values using their hexadecimal value. GHex features the familiar two-pane hex editing setup but also displays the value of the current selection in several different formats. GHex can open multiple views into a single file and can quickly convert numbers between systems.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: ghex

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #sysadmin
GHex editing its own executable

#WhatWeb is a web stack detector.

WhatWeb is a web scanner which contacts servers and retrieves any web content present. WhatWeb then examines the responses for signatures which are imprinted by various web technologies and provides the findings in a parsable format. WhatWeb can detect many content management systems, server software, analytics packages, and supports proxies and configurable scan depth.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: whatweb

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations

Georgia school district reverses transgender-friendly bathroom policy amid death threats - ABC News

I do love living in Georgia. /sarcasm
Pickens County Superintendent Carlton Wilson reversed a decision that allowed transgender students to use the restroom that best matches their gender identity, claiming the move had caused harassment, vandalism and even death threats.

#transmisogyny #bigotry #trans #transgender

#SNG is a #PNG specification language.

SNG is a language for defining PNG images using structured text. Images defined in SNG use a C structure style declaration with PNG-spec names, which makes working between formats intuitive. SNG quickly decompiles/compiles PNG images from the command line and provides editable text which is perfect for shell scripts that perform low level operations on PNG files.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: sng

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations

#FLIF is a #lossless image format.

FLIF uses the MANIAC compression algorithm to achieve compression rates competitive with some lossy image formats. FLIF uses interlacing which allows for an accurate low-scale preview to be made from the first portion of an image, meaning images can be progressively loaded and don't require thumbnails. FLIF also works well on all image types, including photos and art.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: flif

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations

#CBLUTGen (Colour Blind LUT Generator) is a #publicdomain tool to simulate and correct for color blindness.

CBLUTGen is a tool which modifies the colors in an image to simulate or correct for the effects of protanopia, deuteranopia, or tritanopia. CBLUTGen can also generate color LUTs for use in shaders for games or other graphical programs which can simulate or correct for colorblindness.

Website 🔗️:

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #accessibility

#peco is a live grepping program.

peco performs searches on an input file for strings which the user types. Searches are made as the user types, allowing for instant and quick feedback. peco supports fuzzy searches, full Unicode, regex searching, selecting lines, and outputting found strings to stdout when exiting.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: peco

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations
peco performing a search on Kiwix source code.

I'm not sure what the justification is for this, but it creeps me out.

"Apple Safari browser sends some user IP addresses to Chinese conglomerate Tencent by default"

#Fossil is a complete version control system.

Fossil tracks changes in a set of files known as a repository. Changes are bundled up into commits that are kept locally by default. If working with others the commits can be pushed to a remote repository that others can pull from. Fossil also features a distributed bug tracker, forum, and wiki accessible from a web interface hosted with Fossil.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: fossil

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #programming

Great! Going to use it in school with my pupils.

#qliss3d is a #3D Lissajous figure generator.

Lissajous figures are curved mathematical patterns which are found when regular things like pure tones are graphed. qliss3d generates three dimensional Lissajous figures which can be configured with different frequencies and offsets.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: qliss3d

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #math

A new study finds conversion therapy is really bad for trans people. Who could have guessed? / LGBTQ Nation

Project Blitz, the evangelical playbook for their efforts in politics, even treat transgender people as a public health hazard that needs to be discouraged or cured (presumably with legal coercion or conversion therapy of some sort).

#ConversionTherapy #Harm #EvangelicalRight #trans #transgender

Watch out! Hedgewars releases long-awaited v1.0.0

Have you heard of Hedgewars? What began as a simple attempt to clone Team 17's Worms Armageddon as evolved into one of the most polished and community driven libre game projects on the scene. After more than 10 years of continuous development the project is finally celebrating the release of version 1.0.0.

Boasting full campaign support, several online multiplayer modes, full customization, and mod support, Hedgewars is without a doubt an impressive endeavor that rivals its source of inspiration in many levels. So whether you are a Worms Armageddon fan or if you are just looking for some online turn-based fun, we definitely recommend a download.

Code license: GPLv2
Art license: GFDLv1.2 and GPLv2

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We now have a pair of #Glimpse builds for beta testing on Windows!

Please note that these ZIP files are *not* for use on a production environment, and we will be packaging with a proper installer some time in the next couple of weeks.

Now that the 0.20 release is out, we have to start the work on the next one.

After some discussions (, we have agreed on a roadmap for the 0.21 and 0.22 releases.

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