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WATCH: Bernie Sanders Announces End to 2020 Presidential Campaign

Common Dreams staff

"It was a good campaign against the odds in every single way and has clearly changed the course of history for the better."

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) waves to supporters at a campaign rally on February 21, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)


# 5.2.0 has been released!

Includes improvements to GUI (a HTML-like rich text element, more styling), graphics (sky rendering API, object shading), tool wear, and more



# is a utility that finds wasted disk space.

agedu creates indexes for the size (disk usage) of various directories alongside the average access time (atime) for the files in each directory. agedu makes large directories with old, forgotten files apparent for further disk cleanup. agedu can show the data in either a textual or graphical (via HTML) format.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: agedu

# # # # #


Wisconsin Governor Finally Moves to Postpone State's Primary Elections, Shift to Vote-by-Mail

Julia Conley, staff writer

Democratic Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers on Friday called on the state's Republican-led legislature to hold a special session Saturday afternoon to take up legislation that would delay the state's Democratic primary and a number of state and local elections set to take place Tuesday, April 7.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers called on the state legislature to meet for a special session Saturday to take up legislation to postpone the Democratic primary along with state elections, set to take place April 7. (Photo: Getty)
Some good news!


# is a fast # generator.

re2c is a # generator for # or # programs that tokenize an input string and execute code based on the tokens found. re2c uses regexes (with optional submatches) for pattern matching, which is performed using a highly efficient goto-based state machine. re2c is very configurable and can accept many different input encodings.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: re2c

# # # # # #


# is an advanced # #.

NASM (Netwide Assembler) is a program that compiles assembly code into high efficiency machine code in a variety of formats for a variety of operating systems. NASM's assembly language is closely tied to the output machine code, affording great control for the programmer. NASM supports complex macros for creating fast, understandable components.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: nasm

# # # # # #


# is an optimizing # #.

fasm (flat assembler) is a multi pass assembler that converts an assembly language file into size and speed optimized machine code in a variety of output formats. fasm features macros and syntax definition, allowing for complex operations to be performed easily without sacrificing speed. fasm uses only a few, easy to learn command line arguments.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: fasm

# # # # # #


Quote of note:

"In at least 10 government reports from 2003 to 2015, federal officials predicted the United States would experience a critical lack of ventilators and other lifesaving medical supplies if it faced a viral outbreak like the one currently sweeping the country."

Via Federal officials repeatedly warned that US hospitals lacked enough ventilators


The Graham-Blumenthal EARN IT bill threatens key protections for Internet speech and exposes communications platforms to serious legal risk, potentially forcing them to undermine the security of their tools and their users.

Join EFF and help us fight back


# is a system uptime tracker.

uptimed is a daemon that tracks the amount of time a computer/server has been running. uptimed makes notes of when records are broken, which can be viewed through the # command, or can be sent to an email address when the new record is set.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: uptimed

# # # # #


So, looks like # channels and podcasts will be compatible with #!

You can expect this to work when their 2019-03 release is out!


Four things we've learned from the coronavirus

# by Michael de Adder #


Because 'Anne Frank Did Not Die in a Gas Chamber,' Jewish Activists Cite Disease in Nazi Death Camps in Call to Free Detained Immigrants

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

"Crowded, unsanitary detention camps are a death sentence for the people inside. These are the conditions that killed Anne Frank, who died of typhus in 1945."

An image of Holocaust victim Anne Frank was projected onto the John F. Kennedy Federal Building in Boston Sunday night.


Maybe a few grandchildren. Whatever.


Albert # left us today... "Astérix" was certainly the first comic I read and his generous curved drawing style had a big impact on my way to draw. Rest in peace.


Random stuff.


# is a # list and project manager.

Yokadi is a # based # todo manager that supports creating tasks for multiple managed projects. Tasks can be marked, tagged with search keywords, edited, set with an urgency level, and made to have a due date. Yokadi also supports recurrent tasks.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: yokadi

# # # #


# (# and #) are a pair of grepping tools.

# is a command-line tool that recursively greps for a Perl-compatible regex in the current folder and displays all finds in a human readable format. # is a companion program for cg that opens a found pattern in a text editor at the matching line. cg/vg are useful for exploring source code.

apt 📦️: cgvg

# # # # #


# (simple hex editor) is a hex editor inspired by #.

shed is a # hex editor which displays each byte of input on its own line in ASCII, hexadecimal, decimal, octal, and binary. shed can increase the size of the cursor to calculate the value of 16/32 bit unsigned values. shed supports viewing of piped input.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: shed

# # # # #
shed viewing its own executable.


PSA: last night one of our pyrex cooking dishes exploded.

not fractured, exploded. “pyrex isn’t supposed to do that” we thought.

as of a few years ago, Pyrex sold their brand, the new company changed glass recipe as a cost cutting measure, resulting in a pandemic of exploding cookware and a class action lawsuit.

thankfully the patent has expired and the keyword to look for in competing glass cookware products is “borosilicate glass”


# is a # (#) and # editor.

Formiko is a text editor with support for text highlighting and live rendering using various backends. Formiko supports RST and Markdown, and can render formatted text to either HTML or JSON. Formiko features autosaving as well as spellchecking to make editing easier.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: formiko

# # # #
Formiko editing an example Markdown file.


# is a hex editing suite.

wxHexEditor is a well featured hex editor that supports tabbed editing. wxHexEditor features tagging which allows the editor to color and tag a region with a useful name. wxHexEditor also features a disassembler and integer decoder for quicker file interpretation. wxHexEditor supports block device and running process viewing through easy to use prompts.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: wxhexeditor

# # # # #
wxHexEditor editing its own executable with parts of the ELF file structure highlighted and tagged.


Quote of note:

"Don’t just blame President Trump. Blame me — and all the other Republicans who aided and abetted and, yes, benefited from protecting a political party that has become dangerous to America. Some of us knew better."

"But we built this moment. And then we looked the other way."

"Many of us heard a warning sound we chose to ignore, like that rattle in your car you hear but figure will go away. Now we’re broken down, with plenty of time to think about what should have been done."

Via Republicans like me built this moment. Then we looked the other way.

# # # # # # # # # # # #


# is a # #.

DOSBox is a DOS emulator that supports fine system adjustments. DOSBox features an extended command set with host interaction for mounting directories as drives, etc. DOSBox supports many system setups, allowing it to run a wide range of programs from text editors up to complex games and beyond. DOSBox also has several useful developer features for retro computer programmers.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: dosbox

# # # #
DOSBox running Paku Paku in 16 color CGA text mode.


The most anti-LGBTQ Democrat in the House lost his primary last night / LGBTQ Nation

In the Illinois Democratic primary last night, Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-IL) – the lone House Democrat to refuse to co-sponsor the Equality Act – was defeated by Marie Newman.
He was defeated by Newman 47.7% to 43.6% with 90% of precincts reporting, effectively bringing an end to his 16-year-career.
# # #


Protect our Speech and Security Online: Reject the Graham-Blumenthal Bill | EFF Action Center

Members of Congress have mounted a major threat to your freedom of speech and security online. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) recently introduced a bill that would undermine key protections for Internet speech in U.S. law. It would also expose providers of the private messaging services we all rely on to serious legal risk, potentially forcing them to undermine their tools’ security.
The so-called EARN IT Act (S. 3398) is anti-speech, anti-security, anti-innovation, and unnecessary. Let’s tell Congress to reject it.
# # #



# is a multialgorithm hash suite.

Hashrat is a command line program that recursively computes cryptographic hashes for files, piped input, or directories. Hashrat supports many hashing algorithms and output modes including #, #, #, #, as well as # versions thereof. Hashrat can create a list of hashed files which can be checked later to find any changes within.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: hashrat

# # # #


Transgender people, “Come out, come out, wherever you are” / LGBTQ Nation

Part of why I am so open about being #.
Future rights for transgender people may depend, in part, on the extent to which transgender people come out as such. Even if their visibility is steadily increasing, transgender people are not yet as visible as lesbians and gay men. Directly related to this, as we are seeing, their grasp on equality is more tenuous.
# # #


# (#) is a tool for monitoring disk usage.

# Disk Usage Analyzer (or Baobab) is a GUI tool which recursively catalogs the size of a directory. The size for each directory is displayed in both a list and graph format. Selecting a directory in either view will set the selected directory as the root of the graph. Baobab supports both a ring (layered pie) and block (Euler) chart.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: baobab

# # # #
Disk Usage Analyzer/Baobab examining the root of a Linux installation.


Trump is trying to rescind LGBTQ worker protections at the National Labor Relations Board / LGBTQ Nation

The Trump administration is trying to rescind protections for LGBTQ workers at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) that have been in place since 2002, prompting outrage from the NLRB Professional Association, an organization that represents NLRB workers.
# # # #
Isn't some of this a matter of case law?